1.2.8 Update

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  1. I just applied 1.2.8 update, all went well. Camera tilt problem is gone as far as I can tell, yaw is very smooth and linear. 99 way points not available until Android version of Starlink comes out. When app first opens it says firmware update available, to download 1.1.3, I assume this will go away with new Starlink app. Compass had to be re calibrated but the calibration was very quick. All in all a good update.
  2. Do you know of anywhere that we can see an actual list of the 'bug fixes'? Would be nice if they'd publish that to us.
  3. No I do not, maybe a call to CS may get one.
  4. After reading horror stories from the DJI updates i decided to do some thorough " research" on this update (by reading Facebook posts lol) From what I read from the multiple FB posts here is a list of changes that the update brings.
    *braking: There have been reports of better braking. The general conclusion is that the XSP will brake abruptly at low speeds, but will drift at higher speeds like pre-update
    * landing/takeoff: Many agreed that the XSP takes off faster and hovers higher than before. Descent is slower, but still bounces a bit .
    * Yaw: Still not fixed. The gimbal is still difficult to pan correctly despite what autel said in their patch notes.
    * issues: There have been mentions of bad video transmission when the bird is yawing ( junk video feed when turning the drone). The sonar thing on the app still doesn't work. Braking in low speeds is so sudden that props can get into the shot. There have been multiple reports of people losing the gimbal roll adjust function, but there are others that still have it. Finally, there are mentions of bad sector on SD card issues.
  5. Also, the 45 deg gimbal hitch is fixed!
  6. Contacted Autel to ask for doc on specific bug fixes in new firmware. Here is the response:

    Hello Rob,
    Most of the Firmware updates were general code clean-up.

    That's all they said. So I guess no list is forthcoming.
  7. I haven't noticed any new issues with mine on v1.2.8 (but I don't have the new Starlink either), however, there is still room for improvement on the improvements the mention. Gimbal bug getting fixed was very positive and it restores my faith that they are making efforts on getting it all better.
  8. Upon receiving the X-Star Premium I applied v1.2.8 There is a bug that creates video lag and pixelation on the iPad Mini 4, the one I am using to fly my bright orange XSP Pumpkin. I called tech support the same day, the response I got was that the iOS team is working on a fix, however there is a work around that makes it a bit better. I have not been able to fully enjoy the bird.
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  9. the sonar only seems to work when gps is not working when it's in manual mode i thought it wasn't working until i powered it up in the house and lifted it up and down and saw the sonar height changing.
  10. sonar may work in atti mode but i haven't used that yet to nervous about crashing my brand new drone.

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