1st Edited 4k Clip - Over Philly Art Museum / NFL Draft Construction

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  1. Took this out for my first REAL flight this past April 20, perfect day. Still working out the kinks in editing...yeah, I know there's erratic side to side panning also. I did run into video some signal issues on my app over the NFL Draft stage (Gonna guess because of so much growing TV satellite interference from the ground.) - so I was flying blind at times. Lost RC control too..that was a first (my heart dropped, I admit!) but it came right back to me. :)

    What I do need is faster computer...one that can handle 4K much better. Premiere Pro is so slow on my end, especially editing with color correction, adding LUTS.

    Wondershare Filmora seems to be working the best so far.

  2. So the erratic side to side panning being so fast and jerking is a problem with the bird? That is what I have been hearing anyways.
  3. I'm so new at all this. With practice I've gotten better at controlling the yaw panning.

    I'm using Movie Maker to process my videos. When I post to YouTube mine load painfully slow. I'm talking a couple hours to upload 6-7 minutes of video. What am I doing wrong???

    Here's a boring short video. I welcome all critique.

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  4. Was your camera set on Auto everthing? It was a cloudy day. One thing I notice with all cloudy day video's is lack of saturation and contrast and that makes the video look flat. If you were in AUTO mode you might have benefited from some manual control.
  5. Yes, it was in Auto. I'm not smart enough to try different settings yet. I'll keep practicing. Thanks for the tip.

    I also am struggling with judging distance. In this video I had trees to contend with too. Was my first chance to video a moving target. They had 3 planters running on that farm and I shot 40 minutes of video all moving targets. I use a 10" tablet to get the best viewfinder I can.
  6. It's a slight problem, I'm a little better at the panning but still not perfect yet.

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