2.11 Miles anyone?

Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by Anil Jacob, Sep 25, 2016.

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    lost sight of the battery drain in the excitement, at 2.11 miles I didn't have enough battery to return home so had to land at 0.3 miles to home.
  2. The xstar is supposed to monitor the battery and automatically compute the amount needed to return home, then initiate fail safe. i guess it doesn't work.
  3. It did initiate the fail safe, but I overrode it. Made another foray to push the envelope yesterday. At 2.3 miles, it came back safely with 6 miles of battery remaining.

  4. Okay..........why? (I just had to ask)
  5. Hi everyone I am a new drone pilot. I have the x-star premium. I cant seem to get much distance out of it maybe 2000'. Even with the distance limit off. What am I not doing? For longer distance should I be flying in Atti Mode?
  6. no GPS mode is fine, the max I got is 2.5 miles. I think its limited by the battery.

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