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  1. I was out with my Premium yesderday using a new iPad I purchased for my set up. I previously used my iPhone with no problems. I came to work today to download all my photos taken yesterday with my iPad, to find that there are no photos on my SD card.. So my question, can one use two devices or are you stuck using just one?
    Thanks in advance!
  2. It didn't seem to be a controller problem.. just wondering why I couldn't use my Iphone one day then my iPad the next day..
  3. I have used an iPad, iPhone 7 plus, and an Asus tablet all with the same XSP. I've also used that same iPhone with 2 different XSP's. Everything was pretty seamless.
  4. Dang.. This morning Autel said to format the SD card, I guess we'll see if that works.. Outta curiosity, which was your favorite out of all the different tablets?
  5. The iPad was too big and heavy for me personally, although some people don't seem to mind the weight / size. The Asus tablet was kind of laggy. I have defaulted back to my iPhone 7+ the majority of the time. I'm toying with the idea of buying an iPad Mini, but I've read that the older Mini 2's are also laggy. The Mini 4's are supposed to work well, but I'm hesitant to drop $340 on one.
  6. Ya I'm kind of hesitant to buy a Mini since its just about the same size as a 7+. Im thinking of just going crazy and getting a iPad Pro 12.9!
  7. I have a 12.5" iPad Pro, and there is no direct way to mount it to your R/C. The spring-loaded arms won't slide open wide enough to accommodate it. You'll either have to jury rig something to hold it or stick with a 10" tablet max.
  8. I didn't really mind sitting on my tailgate with my iPad on my lap or propped up on the side of the bed..Is there much lag with the iPad Pro? Or same as Iphone?
  9. I've never used it live to fly the drone. I do have the Starlink app installed on it to view flight records and it seems to run fine. Since it has the latest processor and graphics chip, I'm sure that lag will not be an issue.

    I did buy a bracket from Hoodman that's designed for the DJI Phantom controller that allows you to mount your R/C unit on a tripod. Works a treat. It just fits the Autel R/C with a little bit of finagling. Here's a picture - this is with my 8" Asus tablet and a Hoodman sunhood. IMG_0396.JPG
  10. Nice set up! If you don't use the live feature, what do you use to navigate?
  11. Usually my iPhone 7+. With that set-up, I just go hand-held unless I plan to be flying in one place for a long while.
  12. I mean, you don't use the Starlink App, what do you use?
  13. We seem to be miscommunicating. I use the Starlink app to navigate. I don't think there are any other options with Autel, except to use no device at all and rely on the R/C's small numeric display.
  14. What I was saying is that I've never used the iPad Pro for flying the drone. I do use it after flying to review my flight records. I sync my flight records from my iPhone 7+ to the cloud and then sync them from the cloud to my iPad Pro.
  15. Bigbit, thanks for posting that picture. I've been considering the Hoodman mount and was wondering if it would work with the X-Star. As a surveyor, the most natural thing in the world to me is to have an instrument mounted on a tripod out in front of me. I use an iPad Air with the Autel hood, which is a great combination for screen visibility, and I think the tripod mount would make the whole setup more manageable. Appreciate you sharing that info.
  16. Sundog775 - if you buy this, you’ll find a couple things. First, there’s a span adjustment on the mount with a thumbscrew and a slot to slide it open. You need to slide it full open, and it will just fit with the hook catching on the chrome plated bar on the underside of the R/C. The other end hooks over the front of the R/C and sticks up about 1/2” above the R/C, but you can secure it completely by tightening the thumbscrew. The bracket has a 1/4” - 20 standard threaded female like you would find on the underside of an SLR camera.
  17. Thanks much, really appreciate it. Think I'll go ahead and place an order this week. I've got a couple of spare tripods just gathering dust, think I'll dedicate one of them for this purpose.

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