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Discussion in 'X-Star / X-Star Premium' started by Capt. AL, Dec 10, 2017.

  1. I was just saying to my wife at halftime that I wish there was a way to mount my 360fly vr camera. I have a bunch of GoPro style mounting gear that came with my 2 cheaper GoPro knock off cameras, which work very well at 1080p for a hell of a lot less. Damned if I didn't find a bungie type helmet mount or whatever its for that went right on. Does not block the sensor and flies great! Its in the underwater housing and just touches the grass I was on, which had some dew on it and got droplets on the lens . I flew in atti mode as I tried it out in my small yard and did not get any sats. I plan on perfecting this so I can do 360 degree filming. Heres a few pics of it on the Xstar. I also have a suction cup mount and put my Sony X3000R. Have not tried to fly it yet. But will post anything that happens here. Thats for tomorrow. ( drinking beer watching football today) Go Broncos!. Plan to point it rearward and let the onboard do the fwd filming. Will compensate for high center of gravity.[​IMG]
  2. Sure hope that Sony is on there good! Wouldn't want it to catch a prop! Interesting setup. How much weight will that add? Let us know how your flight times change if at all.
  3. I actually only flew bout 6 ft off the ground for a 20 yard out and back with the Sony. Decided to put it in the underwater case that added some more weight. It flew really well and stable, but the Sony video had the jello thing going on,,hmmmm,,,, not sure what that was about, its a 4k with excellent image stabilization. The 360fly I took up to 100 ft. WOW, excellent video. Only thing is when you look around of course you can see the landing legs. It was a cool flight. If Autel does come out with the retractable landing gear model I would buy one just for the 360 camera. Will be doing that again and not the Sony most likely. Did notice that the 360fly is heavy and I could tell the motors were revving up a little more than usual but all in all a fun experience.

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