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  1. A couple of years ago I was playing around with this software called agisoft photoscan. At the time I only had my Typhoon Q500 and the camera does not record exif data which made using the program harder to use. I did manage to get some good models but gave up after a while. Now with the camera on the X-star it saves Jpegs with the exif data. Great time to dust off the agisoft program :) Was out yesterday and flew around my neighbourhood using the timelapse feature set to 5 seconds I took 32 photos and ran it through agisoft. The program is a very resource hog so a slow computer just will not cut it. :)
    Here is a screen capture of what I was able to do with the program. If I had a 3D printer this could be printed if I wanted to.

    I have also included a link to a pdf file of it. If you have a updated Adobe reader with the 3D option enabled you can spin it around. Pretty cool.


    City Block.jpg
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  2. Nice. One of the things I'm intested in doing. Wonder if any of the open source software will do work like this? Be nice if autel would release the sdk so we can start getting to work doing some real work.

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  3. A guy on one of the facebook pages asked if I could upload the 3D stl file so he could try and print it. I ended up cropping just the A-frame church and he went to work with his 3D printer and came up with this little model. He said its about 4 inches long. :)
    Thought that was cool also


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