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    When it comes to photo gear, I've always been a sucker for every pack, case or bag that comes along, but I just couldn't resist these neat Prop Boxes from Dynamic 3D Solutions.(https://www.dynamic3dsolutions.com/product-page/prop-box). They are listed as being for the Phantom, but as you can see also fit the X-Star props perfectly. They provide a little more insurance against prop damage while in transit, but mainly they just look cool! This company is a small family-run operation located in upstate Michigan. They print their orders as they are received, so be aware it may take up to a couple of weeks to get your order.
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  2. Nice!!! Is there room in the hard case for them?
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    ovrszd, I have the large pelican-type waterproof case, and the boxes fit vertically in the compartment on the right side with my iPad and sun shade in between. I don't have the standard case, so I don't know if it's configured the same way.
  4. Awesome, thanks!!

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