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  1. My chromebook seems to be choking on downloading from the micro sd...file size too much for it i am thinking. I can only view them on my grnd station's tablet, a Nvidia K1 Shield.
    I was looking for recommendations on a good laptop for UHD video edits and saves. Best Buy has some grouped as good for video editing, but the choices are many and run ~ $800 to $2000. Any thoughts? What are you using?

    EDIT: nevermind ..problem is my dsl connection. :/
  2. I have a dell XPS and very happy. only have the I5 chip.
  3. For anyone stumbling across this January post, a friend just sent me a link on a wicked deal from HP on a 17" 4k laptop and I am considering it. Like Kun Bow I have a Dell XPS desktop and it is pretty nice, but not for the field. The HP is Intel i7 and NIVIDIA G-Force graphics and much, much more for $1k-1.2k. Wish I could link it for you.
  4. I have been trying to upload a video and the system keeps saying to big. what is everyone using. I'm working with Resolve
  5. I edit with Movie Maker, then host with YouTube.
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  6. I am using Shotcut , free, open source and have many advanced settings. Same as ovrszd I upload to YouTube, works very well.
    Initially I use either Du Recorder or the mp4 file in the SD card.
    Then I process the mp4 through a software called Handbrake that compresses the file up to 90% which enables a much shorter processing time when uploading to YouTube.

    Good Luck and feel free if you need additional info.

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