A Couple of Recent Videos... Abandoned Structures

Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by Ryan Williams, Jun 5, 2017.

  1. I have already posted these to another Autel forum, so sorry for any of you who've already seen em'.

    I used shothotspot.com to locate a couple of sites near me for droning.

    The first was a run-down aggregate plant:

    The second is a pair of shuttered grain silos:

    Airwork done with the angry pumpkin and using ND 16 filter. The groundwork in the first video was using a Zhiyun Smooth II cell phone gimbal, using iPhone 6 native camera and Camera Pro applications. Filmora used for editing on both.

    Thanks for the space.

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  2. Nice work Ryan. Liked the grain facility best because of the song. It's a classic example of voice sounds rather than correct grammar. :)

    Great editing. Gotta get me that program.

    When done editing how long does it take to upload onto YouTube for example? What I'm doing now takes hours.....

    Thanks for any tips.
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  3. The processing time really depends upon length and resolution of the video.

    For that silo video, right around 3:45, Filmora took approximately 8 minutes to convert all the clips, audio, transitions, etc. into one MP4. Uploading to YT took roughly the same amount of time.

    I can't explain why it might take hours, other than connection speed, but who isn't on high-speed internet these days? :)

    Thanks for the comments.

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