A friend lost his DJI Mavic today

Discussion in 'General' started by GR8FLYING, May 13, 2017.

  1. Out with an old friend and drone bud at Gemini Bridges near Moab, UT. Flying into a tight porthole at the base of the bridges and lost sight of the drone. Tried to press the "Go Home" button and hit the "Land" button instead. Not a pretty event and the drone now rest in an inaccessible spot.
    Moral of the story,
    1. Be glad you don't have a small grey drone. (Big Orange Rules)
    2. Don't count on a "Get out of trouble free" function to get you out of a tight spot.
    3. Practice, practice, practice and fly your machine. Don't count on the controller to do your job.
    My bud is pretty bummed out about his Mavic and says he is finished with drones.
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  2. Bad luck there for sure. And I know how sometime panic sets in and we hit the wrong button. It happens. I've been lucky so far but ....
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  3. Yesterday I crashed twice. First time videoing a large tractor and 90ft planter planting beans. Backed into a tree. Broke one prop.
    Second time videoing grandsons graduation reception in wooded area, again tree. This time broke my camera from the gimball stem. Ouch.... looks like $350 to replace....
    I'm in. Just will be more diligent....
  4. I can't imagine that feeling, I know that feeling of panic..so far (knock on wood) no deep depression of loss right now. But yesterday was a VERY close close call - and looking back this could have been a disaster,. Well, first crash in the books...grabbed a few shots in Philly, near the waterfront, grabbed some shot. I've used this same location in the past with no issues so I felt confident. I achieved what I wanted, came in for a landing..suddenly 100 ft away from me, 50 ft up I get this "Abnormal Compass error" (I did calibrate the compass before my flight, I always do), It's an Autel XSP, tells me to "switch to ATTI". Fine, this has happened once already in another location. so I'll fly in manually...Thank god that I've practiced that feature in the past 7 weeks just in case. No, this had no response..RC said connected but nothing.

    So I have my eye on it..moving controls..not reacting to anything.It hovered maybe 2 seconds, swayed back and forth violently and dropped like a rock onto the cobblestone street just hearing a crash. Lucky part number 1, after the wobbling, spinning, it dropped about 30ft (better than 50, 100 ft+)...still the sound it made...ugh! Lucky part number 2, it missed parked cars, people, no cars driving on the side street at the time, it also wasn't in pieces which still amazes me...I run over and its upside down still in full power, propellers grinding into the brick road. I could NOT get this drone off...RC, ATTI just wasnt responding at all to fail safe kill switch. In my panic to prevent motor damage to the actual rotors, I picked it up by the landing arm....(maybe dumb..but I wasnt thinking) - which then threw my arm off balance since the props were again still full speed. In turn swiping my formarm (3 swipes looking like I was attacked by a baby tiger. looked bad, much worse than it actually was after cleaning that up...thats lucky part 3, d*mn the cuts could have been deeper or heck I should have lost finger(s)) FINALLY after holding this drone outward away from my body...the ATTI on the RC alerts it;s on, I finally shut it off!

    I had 2 other batteries, two more locations in town I wanted to try, well that was the original plan...after that..nope. NO idea why the abnormal compass happened, that was a first and also no response..it's a helpless feeling! Still stunned that the only damage was to the propellers..the tips literally grinded down . almost to the drone body itself. Other than that, there is no cosmetic scrapes to the orange shell, the camera / gimbal is fine, motors are ok. I took it for a VERY low flight test and all seems normal.

    BUT finally the luckiest part in this whole fiasco, if this had to happen, glad it did where it did. 100, 150 ft higher...200 ft away from me, this could have crashed on the bridge, a block south on super busy Interstate 95 just 400 ft to my east, or the crosstown expressway literally 50 feet behind me. I will NOT be going back to this location again..
  5. My first crash into a tree at 20ft altitude gave me similar problems. Couldn't shut off the drone. Had to remove the battery.

    Second crash into a tree at 50ft altitude the drone was dead on arrival at the ground.

    In both cases it flies normally now. Just suffered the gimbal break. Have a new one on the way. Expensive learning curve........
  6. Hello GR8FLYING, Seems that I have the same bad luck as your buddy, I lost my drone there today, I was able to climb high enough to recover his drone but not mine, anyways I sent you a message with my phone number, please call asap, I'm leaving Moab on sat morning
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  7. Now that's cool!!!!! This website is going to be responsible for getting the lost Drone back to it's owner!!!! Incredible.

    Thank you Chris for your efforts to help a fellow Drone pilot!!!! Awesome!!!!
  8. I feel bad for Chris ky though...
  9. Oh definitely, but very honorable that he's doing the right thing!!!! As my Mom would say, "Jewels in your Crown".
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  10. The Rest of the Story.
    Rode out to Gemini Bridges to watch a guy repell down from the bridges and retrieve Chris KY's drone and arrived early. Another group of repell people were already there and had Chris KY's drone in hand. Called Bart (Chris KY's buddy) and asked if he or Chris KY were there and they were not. Got a good discription of Chris KY's drone, approached the 6 or 8 people that had the drone and they turned the drone over to me. I met Chris KY's friend, Frank. He had my Buddy's Mavic, I had Chris KY's Phantom, we traded drones, chatted a few minutes.
    The short version, everyone got their drones back. Not too much damage to either and it all happened because of the people that frequent this forum. Thanks Frank, Bart, Chris KY for digging.:):D:cool::p;)
    All ends pretty well.
  11. Wow! Great ending to what could have been a doubly sad story...
  12. I was telling my Wife about this last night. What a great story and ending. Renews faith in humanity. Will take awhile to top this one here!!! :)
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  13. Awesome events. Good on all of you. How cool. :)

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