A lot of editing put into this videi

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  1. I put some extra effort into this video.

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  2. And it's very, very time consuming!!!!

    I like your choice of music. A bit fast. But not obnoxious banger music. Very nice.

    What editor are you using? Are all the clips at "real" speed? How many minutes/hours of flying does it take to edit down to this video?

    I admire your patience and greatly appreciate your post!!!!! Good job!!!! :)
  3. I've done quite a lot of video editing in the past. (I do underwater videos). Yes, good video results require a LOT of editing. One rule of thumb that results in videos that are not too long, and not too boring, is to keep each clip under 5 seconds. When you watch TV, you will notice that, on average, they move to a new scene/clip at least every 5 seconds. If that isn't done, your viewer will be bored in less than a minute. Use of gentle transitions (between clips) also makes viewing of the video more relaxing. However, transitions must be used very carefully. Spins, page turns, rolls, etc., can be very annoying. Your choice of music was good. Music with a lot of bass or drums is very annoying and distracting when trying to watch a video. Also, make sure that the music (whatever you use) does not overwhelm the video you are showing. It should be 'background' music, and not 'foreground' music. I'm new to droning, but not new to video. When taking video, avoid much movement (pans, tilts, etc). With drones, I believe it is safe to say that 'flying out' or 'flying in' shots should be made slowly and gently, and one should take care when panning - go slow. Believe it or not, even when you stay within the 5 second per clip parameter, you still have time to do things slowly and gently.
  4. Very nice video, I especially like the vertical shots and the panning while turning maneuvers. I've been paying much more attention lately to obvious drone footage in movies and TV shows, and find the short vertical clips really add a lot of impact and interest. Thanks for posting.
  5. I use Windows Movie Maker for editing. Some shots were sped up and not real time. There were several clips from different days flying. Most of the clips were from a farm I have permission to fly, but there were a couple other clips from other areas thrown in this. Thank you all for the comments.

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  6. I would like to watch it in 4k, did you upload it to youtube?
  7. Yes it's on YouTube. My laptop can't handle 4k. So it shoot in 1080.

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  8. Well I think it looks great and maybe you need to treat yourself to a nice laptop with a dedicated video card :)
    Have you tried to edit the video in 4K and then save it in 4K for YouTube and 1080 for yourself?
  9. I can't edit in 4k . My lap top won't even open 4K clip to edit. Says it's corrupted.

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  10. I use an HP Elitebook with Windows 10 and have no problems.
  11. I have a Dell from several years ago with Windows 7

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  12. I updated 7 to 10 free.
  13. The Windows Movie Maker program can't be had anymore. Microsoft took down the free uploads. If I get another laptop with Windows 10, I will have to get another editing program. I tried a couple other programs and can see there is quite a learning curve. Being 53, I admit this computer stuff isn't easy to grasp at times. I hate trying to relearn things, if I know how to do it another way. Stubborn I guess. One of these days, I'll be forced to get another laptop, and cross that bridge when it comes. 4K videos would really look nice, but I'm afraid I'll have to wait awhile.

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  14. I hear editing video on a MAC is easy, but they have a big price tag.
  15. I actually messed around on a MAC at Best Buy. They had a display model out. It was less confusing than the other editing software I have tried. I agree, the price was more than twice what I would want to spend.

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  16. Normex uses a free editor, can't remember which one, maybe he'll chime in.
  17. Good evening gents, I use Shotcut as a video editor it is a an open source software so it is free and it is no different in terms of learning curve. I bought a tutorial course for 29.00 and it really helps .
    If you are interested just let me know or with my friend ovrszd .
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