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  1. So, I just got my x star premium and been having a blast with it...but, I have run across a few abnormalities the one issue I have is that I cannot change the video resolution or the camera resolution or change any of those settings in general...They show up green in the menu and when I tap on any of them they don' change or show a different menu or anything?

    I have reinstalled the app on my LG G3 phone but, still wont change. It also wont let me format the sd card.

    Any ideas or anything else I could try?

    Thank You
  2. I have a G3 and had the same problem. I upgraded to a Samsung Tab S2.
  3. I believe you are referring to me. I have two LG V10's and can't use either of them due to the problem you described. I am now using an Nvidia Shield K1 tablet that I had to buy for the drone.
  4. I was really hoping that my phone wasn't the problem...If I had known earlier that the list of compatible devices was so small I probably never would have bought it...bummer....I tried my wife's old Samsung galaxy s4 and it installs the app but just says disconnected...IDK what to do now?
  5. How well does the app and drone work now you have the Samsung Tab S2? Was it worth getting the S2 to fly it? Otherwise i'm leaning towards returning it.
  6. I have the Tab A and coming from a cheap 7" tablet, it is light years ahead.

    I have to edit this. I am making it sound like the $40 7" Digiland tablet didn't work at all, but it DID! I couldn't get it to screen record and I was actually using it for a different project (replacement dash on a home made car) so I decided to buy a dedicated tablet just for the drone.
  7. Another thing to add is the Tab A can view both photos and videos taken by the drone (certain formats apply) where my Digiland won't.
  8. I'm happy with the S2 and don't regret getting it. However, part of the reason I bought it was the scarcity of Nvidia Shield K1's at the time. Had those been available I probably would have tried one of those. It's half the price and most people seem to be happy with it.
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  9. Currently i'm going to try to get my galaxy Tab 4 to work with it...When I tried download the starlink app it said it was uncompatible i think? So i'm going to see if I can upgrade the firmware on the Tab 4 and maybe upgrade to lollipop and see if it will download after that.
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    I have an older Apple iPad 4. I am going to try it tomorrow with my XSP but in advance of that I was wondering if anyone had one of the older iPad 4's and could tell me if it works properly (i.e. minimal lag, camera settings working, etc)?

    UPDATE: Just took the XSP up using my iPad 4 and it seems to work great. Made line of sight maneuvers and watched the drone and the screen and didn't see lag that I could tell. And the hybrid map feature actually was nicer than using my Shield K1. I also checked that I have full control of camera settings, unlike my LG V10, which is kind of a drag since the LG has a great outdoor screen.

    In light of these results I was going to sell my NVIDIA Shield K1 but it's such a nice tablet I decided not to. So now I will own an iPad 4, NVIDIA Shield K1, and I just bought a used Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (I don't know why, just wanted one). Kind of crazy but I am a total technology nut.

    In addition, I have also ordered a DJI Mavic Pro. I have no intention at this time of getting rid of my XSP. I just think that having a second drone that is that portable will be great for short trips and traveling on planes, etc.

    Now to pay the Visa bill :-(.
  11. I was unable to get my Tab 4 to work. I asked Autel about it and didn't really get a satisfying answer. It seems like App producers could tell you the exact criteria used by Google Play to determine compatibility. I think someone was able to install Starlink by installing the APK file directly. I upgraded to a Tab S2 which works very well.
  12. Were you able to use all the functionality of the app with the drone? i.e. change resolutions on the fly (no pun intended) and format sd card? Stuff like that...
  13. Looking at the prices on amazon for s2 they are not cheap....which is going to be a hard sell to the wife since I just bought a $900 x-star premium. Along with some other gadgets that weren't cheap and I already have a tablet that works fine other than can't run the starlink app on it...
  14. The other drone that I would like one day in the future is the gopro Karma...that looks awesome with the ability to fold it up and take it anywhere so much easier than trying to lug around the case for XSP

  15. Yes, that is it in the 10.1" version. I have not had a single issue with it while using the app. But I will say that I haven't tried changing anything mid-flight. I'll fire up both the drone and the controller, set either recording or picture to what I want and then fly. If there is something specific you'd like to see, let me know and I'll screen record it and show you how/if it works.
  16. Thats ok you dont need to go through that kind of trouble...as long as it can change resolution on video and camera settings thats all i'm looking for. Right now any time I record i'm stuck in 4k 30fps and I dont want that high of a res.

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