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  1. Found a new app, A-Z Screen Recording is pretty cool, I now start the app at the beginning of my session, it shows the app I check my weather on, kp index, no flight zones, then I start up the Autel app and it records the screen, all of the telemetry and all the sounds and warnings, that way in the event something goes wrong you have a total visual account of everything that you did, the drone did, what you see and the drone saw (especially in the event you lose your drone). Someone has a question you will have an answer, someone questions your integrity, you'll have a complete visual and audio log it is great. Talk about CYA (cover ya azz) this app is it, I love it.
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  2. Don't get it...doesn't work on IOS devices.
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  3. I got it, works on mine (Samsung tab A 8"). The only problem I have is it won't display the bubble menu only the straight one (forget what that one is called off the top of my head) other than that it works great considering I tried only once so far.
  4. It's been increasingly difficult to do screen recordings on iOS devices that aren't jail broken. You used to be able to use Air Shou emulator, but I believe they finally killed it so it no longer works.
  5. I'm running a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 inch screen and have had zero issues with it. I'm also using the 10 inch sun cover from Autel works great with tablet.
  6. I been using the free DU recorder. There is a option to remove the watermark which I did and it works just great for a free app. I just have to remember to turn the sucker on :)
  7. There is an option for changing that in the settings. I recently reinstalled the app and had that bubble on the left side of the screen and changed it back to the bar style.
  8. Actually I would prefer the bubble but it won't show up on my tablet so I have no choice but to use the bar. Bubble and bar both show up nice on my note 4 just can't use the note because of other issues.
  9. Here is a great screen recording app for iOS devices. $20.00 a year and unlimited recording time. Very easy to use.


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  10. heh, just one more reason to go Android!
  11. IOS 11, which supports screen recording, is out in beta and will have its official release next month. OS’s are like anything else, their preference is a matter of user taste. I have an iPhone, an iPad and an Android tablet, and I much prefer the Apple devices.
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  12. Comparing Apple to Android is like talking politics, you really aren't going to have much luck changing someones thoughts. I use both and they both have problems.
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  13. True so true...
  14. I'm with Jake so far I like very much DU recorder.

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