Above the Cloud's

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  1. Hello from France
    taken with my evo !
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  2. Enjoyed very much. The beginning is pure gold!
  3. Francis, Job Well Done. It's a keeper!
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  4. What was that streaking across the sky at about the 35 sec mark? Meteor?
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  5. No Meteor it's a plane in time lapse !!
  6. Merci !! thank you, but why "it's a Keeper" i dont understand ?
  7. Very nice effect.
  8. As a staff member you shouldn't encourage illegal flight altitudes. Just saying.
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  9. So your saying the altitude limits in France are the same in the states? I did not know that.
  10. The height limit in France is 500 feet above the surface. From where he was standing I am sure he was with in limits. He does a lot of flying all over France and does beautiful work.
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  11. Thank you ..
    For this flight I was at the top of the pilat massif at 1200 meters the clouds were 100 meters above me ..
    I respect the limits imposed on us in France 150 meters max.
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  12. DGA: We here at AutelForums.com encourage flights done in accordance to regulations, and like already pointed out, the rules across the world differ.
  13. To clarify I checked the International code of regulation. The flight altitude for France is 100 meters in other then congested areas and lowers from that point on in congested and restricted areas. That is 330 feet from ground surface. Also 500 feet below and 1000 feet above clear of clouds. I don't mean to be a stuck in the mud, but as a certified flight instructor I have been teaching my students the regulations are written to prevent aviation mishaps. The last thing any one of us wants is to have a sUAV collision with a manned aircraft. Line of sight and altitude adherence are imperative for safe flight. Thank you all for your understanding.
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  14. Hello once again. Just a quick correction on my last message to you. I had quoted information from a Dec. 2015 reg. I investigated this info after a few fellows chimed in on the conversation and found that the regulation had been updated in Jan of 2016. The updated information does allow 150 meter (492 feet) in authorized areas. Sorry for the incorrect information on the previous message. Best regards .........
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  15. Thanks for you correct information !!
    No problém it's ok for me ...
    Have a nice day ..

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