Added Alientech Pro booster to my Evo 2 Pro, osucsync 2 like transmission signal

Discussion in 'EVO 2' started by Evo2Proflyer, Jun 3, 2020.

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    Added a Alientech Pro booster to my Evo 2 controller, increased transmission signal in areas with inference. One particular area, the Evo 2 Pro surpassed Mavic 2 Pro with clearer video feed in an area with a grove of oak trees. Other areas, the boosted Evo 2 controller either equaled Mavic 2 Pro osucsync 2 or surpassed it with clearer video feed before disconnecting.

    The Alientech Pro booster definitely improves reception mounted on Evo 2 controller, Well worth the investment. This was with an amplified setup not non-amplified.

    Definitely worth looking into for those needing a stronger signal in areas with inference, Alientech Pro may be what you need with Evo 2 controller.

    Happy flying everyone,
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