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  1. Nice, though a little pricey - I can get a pair of original OEM props on Amazon for $10/pair, so $20 for the full set of four, and no shipping cost for Amazon Prime members. Definitely might be worth the extra cost for the added stability/responsiveness though.

    Do you see any noticeable difference in battery endurance as a result of the increased prop efficiency? That would make it a no-brainer for sure!
  2. I only had 2 flight with the CF props so I have not compared yet. My experience with CF props is that they allow for quicker response, making the aircraft more stable. They are also quieter, with less vibration and will lower battery consumption to a point. If you go to settings in Starlink and go to the battery page , you can see the Ma draw while the X-Star is flying. I will do a comparison when I get a dead calm day so that the wind wont be a factor. My guess is that there may be a 5% to 10% increase with the CF props.
  3. I would be very interested in some draw testing from you X, getting something more than 20 minutes on the battery would be cool. Let us know.
  4. OK so i did some tests with the CF props and stock props. A very calm no wind day hovering about 10 feet off the ground to minimize ground effect. The CF props draw in average 500 Ma less than the stock, not much to write about but the handling is much better, specially when descending very fast.
  5. bye the way dji props work on x star also
  6. Yes they do, and very well I might add. The 9050 draw about 900 ma less than the stock one
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  7. Link?
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  9. Yeah I looked up the 9050 and it seemed they lacked the hubs and assume they were for use with a quick release system. So you are apparently saying that by using 9450 props a substantial power savings is realized over Autel Stock 9455 props increasing flight time. Am I understanding you correctly? I'm a drone noob trying understand so be please be patient with me.

    Is there a sacrifice in performance to achieve this?
  10. Well other than the difference in ma draw and the motors being noticeably cooler, I haven't flown then enough to tell of there is a performance difference. The fact they have .5inch less pitch makes then easier for the motors to spin, which accounts for the drop in amperage. But the lower pitch also makes the controller spin the motors faster in order to maintain same altitude. It's 6 of one 1/2 dozen of the other. The only gain might be cooler motors and maybe better stability since the motors can spin up quicker due to the lower pitch. You would have to get a set and decide for your self.
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  11. So in reality, the claims that some listings made of a 2 minute increase in flying time may be way overblown. I find the concept confusing as you would think it takes x amount of power to lift y amount of weight for z amount of time and no matter how things trash out the final result is gonna be pretty close.

    I've got a lot to learn I guess. Thanks for your help.
  12. Can you run 3 blade props? Found some carbon fiber 3 blade on eBay for a DJI phantom 9". Wasn't sure if it would work
  13. Others more knowledgeable will chime in with better info, but if they are rated for a P3 & thread on, they ought to work on x-star I believe.

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