ALMOST made a mistake

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Promapper, Feb 20, 2017.

  1. Almost bought that "Other one" but the differences were so subtle it came down to two things...Support and pre-programmed waypoints.

    Hello all, I hail from south of Nashville by about 60 miles. I am an avid photographer, ex pilot, retired photogrammetrist (Aerial Mapper). This will be a hobby as I have access to 1200 acres of fields and woods and hills. I am hoping for a lot of great opportunities to get some shots that are otherwise impossible.

    1st challenge. Take off from the bottom of a 4 story empty silo with the camera set horizontal. Run video the whole way and when the camera pops out the top you get this neat scenery shot.
  2. How'd that work out?
  3. Yeah, we need pics/video or it didn't happen!!! ;)
  4. Didn't happen! found it has two wooden cross braces at right angle to each other about a quarter way down from the top.

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