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  1. Several times now, I have flown and noticed the altitude is not accurate. I can hover 5-6 feet off the ground and the altimeter says it is 20 feet. This is hovering right over the take off area. Anyone else notice this?

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  3. I've noticed some discrepancies when launching. I don't pay much attention to them. I try to keep more of a safety distance than a few feet from obstacles anyway.

    The part that was hard for me to adjust to is the fact it is reflecting "elevation" rather than altitude. So if you launch in a low area and fly into a higher elevation area the reading on the viewfinder is meaningless.

    I depend on my view of the ground or obstacles to avoid them more than what the elevation says.
  4. I was just wondering how much it varies. If I have a RTH set at 100ft, I better add 50 more feet to be safe.

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  5. I use 100ft but I'm in relatively flat terrain. Most terrain elevation changes are 50ft or less.

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