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  1. When I flew RC planes I had to be a member of the AMA- insurance reasons etc.

    Is there a requirement/benefit to having that membership as well?
  2. The AMA is "iffy". You'll get a magazine every month and insurance coverage that probably won't do much if away from an AMA sanctioned flying field. The insurance is secondary to any other coverage you may have, like home owners insurance. There is some coverage for theft from a locked vehicle.
    Plus no coverage for lost or damaged drones due to crashes.

    If you fly at a AMA sanctioned RC club field you will need an AMA membership and a FAA number , they are two must have item .
  3. Well I won't be flying at an ama field so I'll most likely pass. Think it's 75.00/year.
  4. AMA offers more then just a menbership, also comes with Insurance to help protect you, pays for Medical bills (due to injuries involving accidents), helps with stolen property or equipment, and accidental death insurance involving model aircraft. Also getting FAA # is pretty easy and helps get property back to you in the event of a fly away. It's not that you are taking FAA Part 107 Certificate, which in my opinion is a good idea, because it is very informative and helps new young pilots understand why it is important to follow the rules of flying for safety reasons.
  5. Can you direct me to where it says that about drones.
    And if you fly at an ama field your covered with planes but I don't read anything about the drones.
    FAA is a must. I understand that one.
    Thank you.
  6. Yes I just got off the phone with AMA and was advise that Drones are covered within the AMA, you do not need to be at a AMA sanctioned field, but you do need to be following all the safety codes that pertain and part safety code B-9.b fpv with a visual spotter see AMA code 550. All of the insurances are in effect on Drones as long as you follow the Safety Code and applications that pertain to your situation.
  7. That sounds like extra good insurance then.
    Guess I'll join.
    Thanks for the research!
  8. If you want any further info goto the AMA website and in the search bar type in code 550 and download the code for printing and reading, also you can read the safety code in the drop down menu under members and clubs.
  9. Will do. Thanks.
  10. Hope you understand what that means:
    " fpv with a visual spotter"
    Do you have someone who is willing to come with you every time you use the quad.

    When it comes to insurance policies and insurance companies they seem to always figure out loop holes to not pay up.
    I have read a lot of posts over on the RCGroup page about people trying to get their claim approved and all they get is the run around.
    There have been a lot of old time members of the AMA that just won't join back.
    Hope you have a good experience with them.
  11. I guess you mighr not be a member?
    I was with the ama 10 years ago when I flew planes.
    Only saw them pay one clam when one crashed into a car windshield.
    Only experience I have had with them first hand.

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  12. I'm in Canada so AMA is useless to me :)
    I do moderate on a yuneec forum so I do see a lot of posts related to should I join AMA and a lot of the different responses they get. I would say its a mix, probably 50\50 yes
    o responses.

    Hope it all works out.
  13. Well it seems as if you have a bone to pick with the AMA, that's your business, but to tell people that they give others the run around is BS. They have a set of rules and codes, and if you are following them the you golden if not then it's your own fault. Also to answer your question, yes I understand FPV (first person view) and a visual spotter as I am a AMA member, and my Drones are registered and have a FA number, and I am also FAA certified Part 107. My point is that if you wreck a aircraft (Plane or Drone) the AMA is not going to replace it, but if you vehicle is broken into and your Aircraft or Equipment are stolen, burned or damaged then the AMA steps in (up to a $1000.00), if your aircraft (plane or drone) damage property (parked car or a home) then your covered as long as you were following the codes, and heaven forbid you hurt or kill someone the AMA will step in and pay up to $25,000 toward Accidental Death or Dismemberment , and up to $2.5 million in personal liability insurance. Lot better then forking it out of your pocket or losing everything you've worked for, I'll pay the $75.00 a year for peace of mind, thank you.
  14. Hey take it easy, I have no bone to pick with the AMA at all, and for that matter you have no idea who I am so you have no right to assume I do.
    I monitor a lot of forums and have been for years. I only posted what I have read and peoples views on the AMA. DOn't kill the messenger.
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    No I don't wear Googles and you are correct, I too pay alot of attention to my tablet. I would say at least 90% of my flying is with my eyes looking at my tablet, plus I have a bluetooth in one ear so I cal hear my tablet a little more clearly, but with that said I always have a spotter along with me a they have a set of binoculars (just as an emergency backup in the event they lose site of the Drone, or in the event they may see something unsafe they can clarify the situation) and warn me to return or to continue my flight. Ultimately you being the PIC (Pilot in charge) it is your responsibility to ensure you are being safe.
  17. Thats a good idea about the bluetooth earbud. Never thought of doing that.
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  18. Pardon for perhaps a dumb question... what is it you are listening to via. bluetooth earphones ?

    I am clearly missing something here ... (or perhaps is should be hear).. :)
  19. There is a voice that tells you things like when home point is placed or if you have a low battery warning. Stuff like that. It just makes it easier to hear over the surrounding noise that might be going on.
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  20. Of Course !! what a muppet !! ... so i just ordered this from
    252743496860 ( item reference .. just copy and paste into Ebay Search)

    Regards, Cider Boy

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