Announcing the death of Autel Robotics... again

Discussion in 'EVO' started by bjtap, May 10, 2018.

  1. Wishful thinking on their part me thinks. I'll go for the EVO before I consider anything DJI.
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  2. I'll second that L.R. :)
  3. In my humble opinion the new P4P-2 is just short of a nothing burger. Nice but nothing major. It's unfortunate that this has killed Autel. A moment of silence please...... BWAHAHAHAH!!
  4. DJI did the same thing with the Platinum Mavic.
    Reworking a model that is slipping in sales is not new.
    Look at what they do with cars. Same car year after year with different trim and accessories.
  5. If DJI gets a 1" sensor in the drone I'll switch for sure. Im not to happy how Autel left us hanging with the x-star, I was waiting for that 20 megapixel camera. They just trashed the x-star for a drone that we have no clue when it will come out. I dont understand why they just didn't drop the price on the x-star and keep selling it.
    I just looked on the site it looks like they are selling the x-star again... thats good.
  6. Yes but, only the white ones. I think these may be the last of the new ones although more refurbs may be seen now and then.
  7. They told me that they may have more orange refurb ones in about 3 weeks, they were not sure about batteries though
  8. So they will spot the line? thats a bummer.
  9. I think you meant to say "stop the line"? Yes. As far as we know, the X-Star line has been discontinued but, will be supported by Autel for an undetermined time. They indicate that will be quite a while into the future so no need to worry about your X-Stars not being supported for a while. Batteries however, are hit or miss.. They get a supply then it rather quickly runs out. Although you can find batteries from other sources, they sometimes cost a little more $$, and may not be fresh ones. Personally I prefer to purchase direct from Autel then I know I'm getting a new one with the current firmware already on it. As to the X-Star line, it is a bummer they won't have anything in that platform offered although the EVO is very promising... if we ever see it. Supposedly, that should be very soon.

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