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  1. FYI... The Supershieldz company makes screen protectors for nearly all smartphones and tablets. That's good news for all of us. However, I have learned that not all screen protectors provide Glare reduction. If you purchase a standard screen protector (from Supershieldz or from any other company, it will NOT reduce glare. Rather, you must purchase a MATTE screen protector. The Matte protectors actually work very well at reducing glare and reflection, while allowing you to still view a very sharp picture.
  2. My friend Normex educated me about screen protectors. Following his advice I purchased a pack of Mr. Shield protectors. I spent last weekend outdoors shooting video in a variety of light conditions. I never bothered to use my tablet sun shield. I doubt I will use it again. No reflective glare at all. Negatives are that it's more difficult to judge the lighting when adjusting the camera. I tend to shoot my pics a bit dark. But I'll overcome that problem. It's worth it to not struggle with glare.

    Thanks to Norm for his advice. I highly recommend this addition to whatever viewer you are using if you struggle with glare. I'm not pimping Mr. Shield brand necessarily, I simply stated what brand I have purchased and had good luck with. Norm will chime in here and discuss the protector that he uses.
  3. Excellent information. I would much rather simply use something to cut the glare, rather than deal with the bulk of a Sun Shield.
  4. I took some pics of a friend's property today in bright sunlight with no sun shield. I even faced the sun. Again, it's a bit dark, but sure beats carrying a shield. Next time I'm out I'll see if I can take a phone pic of the viewer screen.
  5. That would be great! Thanks!
  6. Greetings, I must thank ovrszd for his nice analogy of my choice of sunscreens but in reality it is
    a hit and miss approach with a bit of research, it would help if we knew your brand of tablet but nevertheless I submit my chosen choice :
    My tablet is a Nvidia Shield and I must remind there is no guarantee it will work for you but at that price and the result of two person's experiences I bid you good luck and let us know if it goes well for you.
  7. I wonder if kwmobile makes different sized protectors?? Buy a size that covers whatever screen you are using and trim it to fit??

    I certainly don't claim that Mr. Shield protectors are better than any other brand. As I mentioned, my screen seems a bit hazy and dull when viewing but no glare.

    We also need to consider that our eyesight might vary. I wear glasses to read and when flying the drone. I'm also a detail geek and want to see the viewer picture in detail.

    I'll take my hazy and dull screen with no glare any day over a glared screen that I can't even see. :)
  8. More than brand, the key factor to getting a screen-protector that will prevent glare, is to get one that has a matte finish. Most all the screen protector manufacturers make both clear and matte protectors. Thus, you need to look for a matte finish if you want anti-glare properties.
  9. I would tend to go with this sized screen but certainly you can trim from any size protector.
    Well Kroorda you answered your OP question.
    Good Luck
  10. So Kroorda, which one are you buying?
  11. Norm, for no more money than they cost, I think I'll order one from kwmobile and compare it to my Mr Shield. Thanks for your guidance my friend. :)
  12. I always say that if you are close to what you like then closer may be out of reach but then your choice is the one that counts:)
    Let us know if you go forward and thanks Richard.
  13. Overszd: I actually decided on the Supershieldz Matte finish. Honestly, I think that all the screen protectors are pretty much the same. But, for us droners, getting a Matte finish is very important for protection from glare and reflection.
  14. I couldn't order from kwmobile because it's a Canadian company or some shipping to the US restriction. So I shopped around a bit on the Internet and ordered Illumishield.

    20171015_094529 (1280x720).jpg

    I originally had Mr. Shield.

    20171015_094732_001 (1280x720).jpg
  15. So I took some pics during the change process. I took all of these pics standing in the same spot, within 20 minutes of each other, trying to duplicate how the screen and camera were held. I did not take these pics while flying. I simply started the viewer and opened the drone app. I'll let you guys draw your own conclusions. I'll also report back after flying with the illumishield protectors, but probably not today since we have 40mph winds.....

    First, here's a couple pics of my viewer with no anti-glare protector.

    20171015_092540 (1280x720).jpg

    20171015_092536 (1280x720).jpg
  16. Next is two pics using the Mr. Shield anti-glare protector.

    20171015_091824 (720x1280).jpg

    20171015_091850 (1280x720).jpg
  17. Last is two pics using the illumishield anti-glare protector.

    20171015_094345 (1280x720).jpg

    20171015_094356 (1280x720).jpg
  18. Well it seems you did right with the Illumani shields, at least you can fly whatever the sun conditions, the only thing to add if you wanted to really push it
    Sunny.png might be an umbrella.
    Here's my usual set up.
  19. Yep. I've thought of an umbrella that fit on my head.

    I took those pics with the cloudy sunlight directly over my shoulder. I'll try to fly tomorrow.

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