Any mapping apps that work with the XSP?

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  1. Looking for a mapping app that works the xsp.


    Gustavo Veray
    Mayaguez, P.R.
  2. Gustavo, I am a retired photogrammetrist and am interested in stereo pairs and flight lines with appropriate forward and side lap. Plenty of unanswered issues though such as;
    Focal length of the lens. We know it is super wide angle so the vertical exaggeration of the elevationsl will be great
    No way to pre-program camera firing positions.
    no set and constant speed so can't use the time lapse.

    Best idea so far but not yet proven is to set up flight line ends as way points and link them all together. But I have not done the investigation into setting a constant speed and then calculating the time interval and hoping the time lapse presets will work.

    Cant wait for the false color IR camera to come out.
  3. I am a (mostly) retired land surveyor and GIS map maker. I also have an interest in using my XSP for mapping and orthophoto production. I obtained the following information from Autel today for the Xi-5S camera: Focal Length: 20mm; Aperture: f/2.8; ISO Range: 100 - 6400; Shutter Speed: 1/8000s; FOV: 108 degrees.
  4. Wow, 20mm ! That is a very wide angle lens. the older mapping cameras were 85 or 152 or 300 mm. mostly 152mm. field of view was about 90 degrees. the 20 mm or the XSP will give you great vertical exaggeration but the feature lean over may be objectionable. there are issues with the recorded altitude and ground control points would definitely be needed. I am not sure any of the drone type systems would be adequate to meet National Map Standards.

    As a side note to others. In the state of Tennessee and Alabama you must hold a Survey License to perform any form of photogrammetry including but not limited to mapping, orthophotos and yes even GIS in some instances . other states are similar but I don't have any info on them.
  5. You guys are talking wayyyyy over my head. But I'm interested in learning!!!!!

    Post some pics taken with various cameras for us laymen please. Thanks!!!!! :)
  6. ....I wouldn't even attempt a photogrammetric session with that camera/lens LOL. Forget about that avenue, unless you will be mapping some incredibly flat terrain like Salar de Uyuni (Bolivia).

    Geospatial analyst and GIS user (all the way back to Grass), retired
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    Mapping apps are currently available for the Phantom with a comparable camera (12MP, 20mm lens). I really haven't gotten enough into this yet to have a full understanding of the capabilities, but I'm assuming if it's possible with the Phantom, at some point in the near future someone will develop similar flight planning/mapping applications for the XSP.

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