Anyone else have a problem with batteries?

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  1. I got my new XSP a week or so ago. The battery would only charge about half way. I contacted Autel. I sent a pic of the battery stats. Turned out it had a bad cell. They sent me a replacement battery. I got it today. I charged it and it stopped charging about half way. Turns out it had 2 bad cells. Has this been a problem with anyone else? Odd that 2 new batteries had issues. 20170308_154602.jpg

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  2. The first battery. 20170226_133445.jpg

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  3. So I have the original and bought 2 spares. voltage in all mine are within .02 of each other
  4. I did purchase a spare battery a while back and had problems charging it. I think I got it to maybe 70% +/- wouldn't charge any more. Flew with it anyway seemed to work ok. Flew till critical level, auto land kicked in and went to re charge and it charged to 100% I never did a cell check so I don't know if a cell was lower than the rest. Another thing I noticed about this battery is that the indicator lights never came on while charging. I left it plugged in for a hour no more and did that first flight with it.
  5. This is a known problem. If you have a cell .05 off the others Autel will replace them

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  6. I've had a defective one as well. Fully charged the battery upon opening, flew with it and it lasted only 10 min then would not turn on or charge. Autel was quick to send me a replacement as well. Haven't flown with the new one yet though.
  7. I just bought a new one and when I seen it I took it right outside and sent off a email. They are sending me a new one. I don't think it would even fit in the drone. Support was great and very fast.
  8. I don't understand what exactly did you see that caused you to send the email for the new one.
  9. It was very swollen, so much I don't think it would have fit inside the drone. But they are sending me a new one right away. This is why I went with Autel, great support.

    And this was a new additional battery that I just ordered, it wasn't the one that came with my new drone.

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