Anyone seen or tried these ND filters?

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  1. I have a set coming on Monday, I will post my 2 cents next week. I got them from Carolina Dronz
  2. Like X-Starman, I've only seem them on Carolina Dronz website... not in person... I think there is a short Youtube video from a person that just got these, but I don't think he specifically states whether they are any good or not.... just fairly expensive...
  3. I just received my set, did a short flight using an ND16. This brought the shutter speed down to 120 shooting 1080P/60. The resulting video is butter smooth compared to auto. The quality of the filters are very good, you get a lens pen and carry pouch. Here is a short clip straight out of the camera.

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  4. Nice color palette there X...

    I'm that person, I've done more since that unboxing vid. The titles say a lot and the descriptions on my channel can provide more detail, but all of these videos have Freewell filter related footage (in order created).

    The CPL and ND's (4,8 & 16) are good quality, the GRAD filters are a mixed bag for me so far and I haven't done much testing with them. I currently have no plans on purchasing the 'hybrids' nor the ND32 & ND64, but we'll see.

  5. Wondering if anyone has tried the new Tiffen filters. I pulled the trigger on some last night but haven't seen a single review.
  6. Quagmire

    I was wondering how you overlaid some of the APP info into your videos?
    You would be able to give us a short tutorial on that was done?
  7. Jagerbomb,

    I use AZ screen recorder to get the Starlink video and Corel VideoStudio X9 to do the overlay's. Plenty of overlay tuts for that software out there. To repositioning some of that Starlink info over actual video from the XSP, I just resized a Starlink overlay (sometimes multiple overlays) while messing with the "Mask & Chroma Key" in the "Attributes" tab of the overlay file in VSX9, changing the black background to transparent. If you get the software, I can give you a couple tips, but it is nothing I have time to make a tut for and didn't learn about it through someone else's, just started fiddling around with only a slight understanding of what it will do.
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    I never even thought about using Mask & Chroma Key but I should have as I have made plenty of gauge templates for Dashware using that method :)
    When I find some time I will give that a shot.
  9. Anyone know who has the ones in stock that Jagerbomb 52 listed?

    It looks like a 30 day time frame from China- IF I read that properly?
  10. My filters have been coming from China since Dec 28. Slow boat, I guess
  11. Got a set coming ill let you know

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