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  1. What is your favorite apple or android? I've been known to use many different brands. My phone is android and my tablet is apple. I think they both have unique qualities. Let Me know your opinion.
  2. I'm with Android, I've never had an Apple device, I have an inherent dislike for Apple. I think they are overpriced and it kind of annoys me how everyone gets all weird about their Apple stuff.
  3. I am also not a fan of Apple's products. I don't think they're bad, but it gets on my nerves when they have special software and special restrictions that no one else has. For example, you can't access your phone's files with a cable! And you can't transfer music to your phone unless it's over iTunes. Also, you have to pay for most of the applications in the store and they are usually free for Android.
  4. I'm more of an android type of person. I think that apple's phones are too locked down since it's so hard to jailbreak them and they don't even let you downgrade to previous versions or install apps not from the store. I mean if I bought the phone, I should be able to do all of that shouldn't I?
  5. I am a big supporter of Apple. I bought a Mca in 1984 and have had plenty since then. I did not own a Windows computer until a few years ago, which I use for testing of websites. I really like the fact that OS X is Unix based, having used Solaris, AIX, and Linux at work. That said, I prefer Android to iOS. I have a first generation iTouch, but I like the fact that the Android <back> button crosses app boundaries. I,.e, you can click in a link in a email, visit a web page, then easily go back to the email.
  6. Since Google began branching from simply a search engine to an ecosystem, I've been firmly ensconced in it. As such, my devices are all android based. I have nothing against Apple hardware; they make a great physical product. It used to be one of the foibles of supporting Google; finding quality android devices was a chore. That has changed in the recent years. The last iDevice I owned was an iPad 2. I got rid of it a couple years ago and don't miss it. The connectedness of everything in the Google ecosystem makes it appealing to me. I currently use my Nexus 6P to access the Starlink app and fly with my AXP. Not a single hitch.
  7. I've always been an Android person. Never owned anything Apple. I don't know or understand what the diffrence is. I'm not tech savvy at all. Maybe if someone explained it to me it might make more sense for me.
  8. Sometimes it is very hard to decide which one of my favorite, it feel like something, Pepsi vs Cola, or Marvel DC, but i love browsing the internet on the iPad, kind of smooth, but i prefer to use Android phone. I do not know, some people said iphone is user friendly, but i just hook into Android for so long and feel okay about it.
  9. Android for me. Apple products are good (I suppose) but there has always been something about the company that bothered me. It just seems to me that Android "plays nicer with other kids" than Apple. And, the iPad just seems too expensive, especially for those of us who only want something to use with the drone.
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    One thing is for sure: You pay more for Apple. Even though it doesn't work any better, or last any longer than an Android device or a Windows device. You even pay cellular carriers more to use an Apple device. They love it because they make more money off of Apple devices. It's been that way since the day iPhones were introduced. People were buying IPods when they could have purchased an MP3 player for 1/4 the cost. They've purchased iPads when Windows and Android tablets are available for 1/4 the cost. I don't get it.
    Android for me. (I don't have money to throw away.) :)
  11. I totally agreed with your statement Cori. When think about the brand itself, it always be related to how much money you are going to throw in, because of the high value, some people are willing to buy used phone at the cost of new brand flagship for the Android.
  12. Glad to know I'm not alone in my thinking. :)
  13. Android for me also, seems to have less problems, less expensive & not controlled like Apple.
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  14. Yep, being an adult (not into heavy gaming like youngsters), to have 2nd phone from Xiaomi could be a big changer for me to handle some sort of business activity via smartphone, high specs low price but at the same time deliver a decent quality of product
  15. Years ago I had Iphone and the Imusic made my windows computer act up. The android works well with windows files. I have had no issues with android and drone compatibility.
  16. Not to mention how much more you pay for anything that starts with i.
  17. I hated apple until I was forced to use one for work. Now I see why they are better. Build quality is way better, apps run 10 times better, they handle apps running in the background way better and the price is the same as a android flagship phone. Now don't reply back with crazy benchmark scores im just stating what I have seen from experience. Sure you can buy a 50-100 dollar android phone but they are just junk phones. Best part is apple wont let junk apps on the market like google does. One thing I hated with android was how each manufacturer changed the OS because android is a open source, that and the different parts they all use is what makes the apps harder to perfect. One app comes to mind is the gran board app for my dart board, only people that have problems are the android guys and its always camera problems. Not sure how someone here thinks you pay more on a cell plan for having a apple phone, last time I seen the deals it was 5.00 less a mo. Also I only like the ipnone SE, the other large iphones forget it lol, they are way to big.

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