are there any new members out there?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by BeautifulBree, Jun 7, 2016.

  1. I seem to be the only one commenting and making threads. I would love some interaction. Is anyone else out there? If you would like to chat about drones I will gladly chat with you. I have many open threads in all the categories. Please go find one and give me some input. Have a great day everyone.
  2. It looks like it's still just you and me Bree. I need a drone expert to tell me what they're all about.
  3. I'm new here as well! I hope I get to meet a lot of nice people on this forum and I hope I learn some new stuff as well :D.
  4. hello everyone name is paul
  5. Hi, Robert here. I just joined and would gladly chat with anyone. I am flying the XSP.
  6. Your forum was just linked in the RCgroups discussion on the Autel X-Star. In case you are wondering why this forum just got alot of new members.
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  7. Yeah the rcgroups is where I saw the link, it was hard going through all the posts that were talking about other drones in the Autel specific thread. A dedicated forum is welcome :)
  8. HI. Newbie here. I am so looking forward to learning more about drones and connecting and making new friends.

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