Attitude Mode Questions

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  1. Hello Pilots;
    I have a few questions about the attitude mode on my aircraft that I hope the knowledge on this forum can help me with:

    1. What is the purpose of the Attitude Mode
    2. What are the benefits of Attitude Mode vs GPS Mode.
    I know the aircraft flies much faster in attitude mode
    3. Does the "Failsafe" feature works while in Attitude Mode? Should I fly it long distances?
    4. Do I or should I fly in Attitude Mode, Or when should I or Why would I?

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Happy Flying
  2. ATTI mode is a NO GPS, NO FAILSAFE mode of flying. You have total control of the bird. It is the purist way of flying with no computer Generated aids. It does maintain altitude but all other aides will not work. Wind will push it, it will not stop and hold a hover when you let off the will continue to drift.

    You will have to continue to use the sticks to maintain position. This gives it more of a racing drone configuration with the addition of altitude hold which race Drones do not do.

    IOC mode is for the total NEWBIE
    GPS is for the newbie getting their bearings and learning orientation without getting in any trouble.
    ATTI is for more advanced pilots, but is still pretty stable as it holds altitude(unlike a race drone)

    Hope this helps and I'm sure some others will jump in to have some more thoughts.
  3. I am also a newbie and that information helps a lot.

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