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Discussion in 'General' started by Cori, Apr 20, 2019.

  1. I recently saw that Augustine (a name often seen on another drone forum) was banned from this forum a year ago. Personally, I found that Augustine based all of his posts on nothing more than speculation, rumor, and information he obtained from Facebook. He speculated and predicted the demise of Autel. Much/most of the electronic related information he provided (such as information about battery usage, RF, and GPS) was completely wrong and misleading. While quite a few people (on the other forum) may have been attracted to what he wrote, I was saddened by the amount of misinformation that he was publicly posting as fact. On the other forum, he still regularly dishes out information on the EVO, even though he has never owned one!

    I was once a moderator of a forum and I understand how difficult it is to ban someone from the forum. However, in this case, I commend the person who recognized and made the decision to ban a person who was doing more to harm fellow members of the forum, rather then help them.

    I choose to view THIS forum when I want to obtain the most accurate information about Autel drones. Keep up the good work. :)
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  2. All of the four accounts created by Agustine on this forum were merged, and since the multiple accounts were used in attempts to abuse members, a decision to ban him was made. Banning someone is something we would rather avoid since we are trying to develop a friendly and open place for Autel pilots and fans to gather.
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  3. As a former moderator on another (ATV) forum, I completely understand and agree. A forum should be a place that people an come to, which is both friendly and helpful. :) Good decision. :)
  4. Moderators or former moderators must adhere to a higher standard when banning a member from a forum.
    Just because we disagree with the personal opinions and arguments presented does not make that person rude or inconsiderate. We should counter disputable arguments with undisputed facts and quotes from reliable sources. Anything less equates to the opinions of the original perpetrator.
  5. Augustine banned me from his forum because I mentioned that he was banned from this site.

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