AUKEY 150W Power Inverter

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  1. Wondering how the community feels about this power inverter. I'm uninformed about electrical gadgets yet and when I noticed this product on sale, I thought about using it to power my charger in the field.
    I'm never interested in risking anything I own for low cost easy street.
    Would any of you that have the knowledge care to share concerns?

    AUKEY 150W Power Inverter with Outlet & USB Port
  2. Some one else may correct me here but by my calculation it takes 161 watts to power the battery charger that came with the XSP this is when you are charging both a battery and the controller simultaneously (going by input of 115vac x 1.4 amps = 161) I would go 200w min.
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  3. 10-4. The deal is pretty sweet but I reckon I should keep looking. Any reason using any inverter would damage batteries or controller assuming I chose one with higher capabilities?
  4. Cant think of one that's what there made for but I am far from expert on this.
  5. That one seems like a good buy
  6. I bought one of these in the UK from Ebay for about $7.30

    Thought it was worth the punt. It charges the battery from the car just fine.. !

    Make sure the car is running most of the time though.. !

    Cider Boy.
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