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Discussion in 'General' started by Flyhi, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. Is any one else having trouble creating an account on Autel's website? I have used 2 different email addresses. Once I start the process, everything looks good. I then get a message that I will receive an email account verification email. I never receive the verification email. No, it is not in my spam folder. I have worked with customer service but I think they have given up. I have tried all their recommendations but with no luck? Any ideas?
  2. I had no problems. The conformation email did go to my spam folder but it was there in minutes of signing up. Do you have a Gmail account? If so maybe try that. I used my email account from my ISP provider.
  3. Yes, I tried my ISP address and also my gmail account. Neither worked. I am trying to figure it out.
    Thanks for your reply.
  4. I had no issues at all.

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  5. The rixxeie 33, has to be one of my settings blocking the verification email. Can't figure it out because I get emails from other sites. I called autel cs yesterday. They are trying to help figure it out. Thx for your reply.
  6. Did I block you?Why?
  7. LOL
    I think he just used your name in his response. More like his response was directed for you. :)
  8. Some time I read things and I swear my mind turns the words around.
    Dyslexia maybe.

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  9. Some ISPs throw away mail that they think is spam, without sending it to your spam folder. Neither you, nor the sender, is ever notified. It drives me nuts. GoDaddy does this; so do some other places. You cannot disable that "feature."
  10. Thank you Laurie. Initially I tried registering on my Nvidia shield with no luck. I did the same process (once Autel CS reset my username) using my laptop and it worked just fine. I am sure it is something to do with my Shield. Had the same issue when trying to register my drone with the FAA. Using my laptop everything went fine. May have something to do with the site security certification? some work fine others not.
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  11. Rixxeie, I was thanking you for your response. Did not mean to say " the rixxeie" should have read "Thx Rixxeie". Sometimes spell check does not appreciate my abbreviations and does an auto correct whether I want it or not.

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