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  1. I'm a little surprised to see no chat here about the Autel EVO 2 just about to be released to production.

    We wrote a detailed article about it on our website if you want all the details.

    Is anyone placing a pre-order? ($1,495 for the base version)

    Autel Evo 2 – The World’s First Foldable Drone with 8K Camera
  2. I currently have one on pre order.
  3. They are not taking pre-orders right now - I that so the pre-orders already in are filled? Are they shut down due to the coronavirus?
  4. Got mine delivered the other day, not too shabby. Its my first drone so I am still learning the basics. Feels really solid and like the feel of it. Super clear/crisp.
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  5. I passed on Evo 8k, but did order an Evo 2 Pro. Received it this week, only two flights and very impressed so far.

    Will share future experiences in future, can already tell I’m going to like this model a lot.

  6. Hello Nick,

    looking forward to reading your views and experiences with your Autel Evo 2, I just received the Pro 2 model. Almost pulled the trigger on 8K myself especially it’s priced less that was temping, but having a Mavic 2 Pro the larger sensors for my type of flying are needed. So I waited and ordered the Autel Evo 6K Pro instead, flies great.

    Happy Evo 2 flying,
  7. Hello Dronepilot,

    I’ll definitely be following this forum, any information I can find from Evo 1 and new Evo 2 pilots will be a warm welcome, will share my experiences as well.

    Today, Took my Evo 2 Pro out on a flight. On a positive note learned how to RTH and cancel, that was one of my concerns but all is well now it does have a RTH feature.

    Later in the day, Had a disconnect and didn’t regain connection unit a few minutes later, when it reconnected had already shifted into RTH when reconnecting. Have so much to learn, will surely be following this forum for help and share my positive experiences maybe these will help those like me still learning the Evo 2.

    Happy Evo flying

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