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Discussion in 'EVO' started by ChickenThief, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. has been incredible! I send in an email with a question as they arise from flying my new EVO and within minutes or hours I have an answer. The longest I have waited for email responses has been about 10 to 12 hours? (I posted late at night)

    I have called once or twice before the arrival of the EVO and always found a person on the other end with knowledge and product skills not to mention speaking English!

    I am so glad I went with Autel and look forward to the improvements coming with firmware updates.

    I am using my Apple Ipad Air at this time thanks to the Beta program from Autel. Kudos to Alejandro for helping me get that setup going.

    Customer support makes all the difference to me. Thanks, Autel!
  2. Been over a week for me and still no response from Autel. I did solve my problem but was curious if Autel will ever respond. I personably believe there customer service is a hit and miss kind of thing. Some folks get excellent service while others.....well, not so good maybe.
  3. I think that over the 4th holiday some things got delayed. I got an apology from them because they were out of the office for 24 hours or so... I would send the email again. I would bet you get a quick response.
  4. I'm very pleased with their service, I've had a couple of chat sessions and a phone call and they were very friendly and helpful not to mention honest, no run around or BS.

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