Autel Releases New Firmware

Discussion in 'News' started by X-Starman, Aug 9, 2016.

  1. X-Star Premium Version 1.2.8

    Release Notes

    Up to 99 waypoints allowed
    Improved compass calibration algorithm
    Improved Starlink positioning system and flight control algorithm for shorter braking distance and precise positioning
    Improved altitude drop problem after fast forward flight and during indoor takeoff
    Improved the throttle curve for yaw to be more linear
    Added vibrational warning for toe-in action
    Fixed bugs

    Upgrade went smoothly without a hitch, aircraft flies perfect, yaw control is now smooth and linear.
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  2. I just downloaded and installed the firmware as well and there were no problems installing it. Will try it out tomorrow :)
  3. Do we have to update all batteries with new FW also?
  4. I ran the update against all of my batteries but nothing was updated so I don't think there was any update to the battery firmware this time.

    Is there somewhere that details out what bugs they fixed? Just saying 'bug fixes' isn't very descriptive.
  5. Per Autel. There is no need to update every battery....

    See: (Time: 03:49)
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  6. Good to know, thanks
  7. The firmware version on their website is 1.1.3. Where is 1.2.8?
  8. It was available for a short time, before it was pulled.
  9. ok, thanks.
  10. Video, no go ????

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