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  1. This is the place for users to leave reviews of the Autel Robotics' EVO drone.
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  4. I have one specific question about the Evo. Recently I saw an uphill follow me test comparison between the Evo and the Air. The Air performed excellent. The Evo failed that test. It could not follow the uphill incline(GPS) The Air measured the distance to the ground increase whereas the Evo could not.... Does anyone know if recently Autel fixed this issue, for it must be a software issue, I assume.
  5. My biggest wish would also be: Uphill follow me mode properly working.
  6. I took it out the other day to test the follow feature while I walked up and down a hill. I found that walking down the hill it followed me very easily, but going up, once it reached the crest of the hill sort of just stayed there unsure what to do. Hopefully, I will be able to test this out a little more but I think you are right about it having trouble following with elevation changes.
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    Coming from the DJI world, I really wish Autel would offer a damage protection warranty. I had my DJI Spark for two years, crashed it once and got it replaced. Had my Autel EVO, crashed (not user error), and Autel won't replace my drone. They said the drone malfunction because of a previous pilot error. Yes I did crash it flying backwards into a twig, 5ft in the air and landed on grass, BUT that was five flights before my final flight into the water.
    Here's my log:
    5/14 - Flew into twig(flying backwards, rear sensors will not stop the drone), falls at 5ft into grass. No damage
    5/16 - Flew for 8 minutes, max height 177ft
    5/16 - Flew for 9 minutes, max height 247ft
    5/24 - Flew for 8 minutes, max height 175ft
    5/25 - Flew for 1 minute 38 sec, max height 55ft. Started flying on its own, almost like orbit mode but in a tornado fashion. Crashes into the lake. Retrieved in 5 ft of water.

    Autel is proud of the 7 day a week customer service, but they take their time replying. They have no extended warranty. They say it's previous pilot error. No warranty. So much for there 7 day customer support. :(

    I barely had it for a month. The only thing that functions now is the camera and three motors. I guess I could strap it on my helmet and use it as an action camera. Or i could create a selfie pole for it. Maybe use it as a dash cam. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated. Maybe i'll donate it to Mark Rober, he could probably use it for something cool.

    Forgot to list my pros and cons.

    Tracking is solid
    Front obstacle avoidance is awesome
    Reminds me of the Mavic 2 but snappier.
    Flight modes are awesome.
    Video quality is awesome.

    Rear obstacle sensor is IR and only warns you. Doesn't stop drone. *fly with caution backwards
    Focal length is too much on the wide side. It is a lot wider than Mavic 2 zoom at 24mm.
    No side obstacle avoidance sensors
    Charger it comes with is a bit of a hack. It's flimsy and it could easily come loose. Bad design.
    No Extended warranty/Damage warranty

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