Autel Robotics Tutorial: Part 1, 2 & 3 Taking Photos & Video + AEB Mode

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  2. Thank you I've been looking for these, for some reason I can't find them on there web site
  3. In one of these videos (I haven't watched them in a while) I believe they said there is a video regarding neutral density filters. Is there one and does anybody know the link? Thanks.... Barry
  4. Autel posts a new tutorial video on their YouTube channel every Wednesday. If you subscribe to their channel, you'll get notifications when new videos are posted. There's a tutorial on Long Exposure Photography that mentions the use of ND filters to slow the shutter speed, not sure if that's the one you're thinking of. I couldn't find one exclusively on ND filters, but maybe I missed it. Here's the link to all 47 videos to date:
  5. Sundog775
    Thanks for the reply. I already am watching and receiving notices regarding these youtube videos. It is in the third of the above videos where she says something to the effect 'we will cover when to use nd filters in another video'. I checked out the 'long exposure' video and that does not appear to be it. I too, have not seen any video regarding nd filters so I guess it does not exist yet.

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