Autel Robotics updates the Starlink app

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    Starlink 1.4.24 for iOS
    App Store:

    Starlink for Android is already the latest
    Google Play:
  2. Hey new to this forum .

    Whats the Added Me feature ?
  3. Looks like you can log in and it stores flight log info. Kind of adds a profile to the app with cloud based storage

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  4. Thanks got it
  5. I checked the website and I don't see any "April firmware". Is there going to be a new firmware release next month?

    Any docs on the added features??

    Glad to see the updates coming out.
  6. I see the me feature on my android and was checking out the flight log, it also shows my user name now. Do I have the newest app version then? I have v2.0.2.22 looks like it came out in January
  7. Yes, v2.0.2.22 is the most recent release for Android. All of the features mentioned above have been available for about three weeks on for Android. Autel is the opposite of DJI in that Android gets updates first (I like that) and Apple IOS later.
  8. The date for Android's Starlink version in Google Play shows as February 27.

    It appears is already the latest for Android. However according to Kenneth from AR, there will be made available soon, possibly next week or so.
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  9. Maybe I am missing something here but I have been using the latest android version (2.2.2) of starlink on my last few flights and I don't remember seeing any type of login screen. Is this whole bit about logging in only for IOS?
  10. Since i updated 2.2.2 i always seem to get a battery low temp warning. Can that be overridden? Or should it?
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  11. Don't know if it is only for IOS but clicking on the "ME" icon on the start screen gives you the option to log on. This is not a requirement but it will be handy for tracking accumulated flight distance/times. Have not played with it too much but then again Also will need connection to internet to use this function.

    Now if this weather would cooperate again I am having thumb stick withdrawals.

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  12. Hi Kevin,

    I am also looking forward to the firmware update in April... Why you cannot see it yet, Is ...

    ... We are still in "March" ! :)

    Regards, Cider Boy.
  13. Not home to try it yet but I assume by clicking on the "me" button for the first time it will give me an option to register something then to acquire the log in info in the first place (if that makes sense)
  14. Yes. There are options to log in or register via Autel if you do not have a sign on already. Also do not have to be connected to UAV to do this, I was not when I set mine up.

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  15. I like the update, I like the ability to see my flight log and actually watch were the UAV went. But I can't seem to always get the flight logs sync between iPad and iPhone. Frustrating because my iPhone 6 works better then my iPad 4, but my iPhone 6 battery sucks (3 years of charging). So wish they would fix that.
    Does anybody know how to take all the flight records prior to the app update and make them viewable on the new flight record screen?

    I also still wish we had an option to be able to do Facebook live if we so choose to. I hope the firmware update also allows for small key chain style trackers that are waterproof so I don't always have to keep the bulky controller on me to follow me.

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  16. Maybe someone makes a app that can record what is on your screen and stream it live to Facebook, have you looked? I have an app for my android tablet that records everything on the screen, maybe someday they will add that option to stream live to Facebook.
  17. I think there is an app. AZ screen record from what ive heard.
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  18. When will someone make a VR app for the XSP? There are dozens out there for DJI
  19. The Starlink is seriously lacking in features overall. The Phantom app does these things naitively. Hoping Autel steps up and makes a more robust app.

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