Autel Robotics USA lay off US sales and marketing staff

Discussion in 'News' started by Agustine, Feb 1, 2017.

  1. As owner of X-star it is not a news that delights me ....
  2. That is not promising. I am in the middle of debating keeping my XSP, or spending a little more for a Phantom 4. If longevity of the company is in question that really leans heavily towards DJIs favor.
  3. The phantom 4 is no longer manufactured. His commercial career lasted only 11 months. Dji is a company that lives can be long, but its products are very fast obsolete ..
  4. I would not be concerned by this news. Big, successful manufacturers make adjustments to their staff all the time. If it was anything to worry about you would see it on a lot of other bigger news sites. seems to be having a slow day for news and is just posting a story from one guy.
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  5. Here is a reply from Autel Robotics USA CEO Steve McIrvin:
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  6. Thank you for this communication which proves, if need be, that Autel Robotics is a company attentive to its customers, but also that reassuring us is one of their concern. So many companies come up against this hyper-competitive market that we, the owners of X-star, are particularly attached to Autel Robotics and would be affected to see it in trouble.
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  7. Thank you, and thanks to the CEO for taking the time to address our concerns and to speak so candidly.
    I was on the fence about switching to a DJI, I have changed my mind. This shows Autel pays attention to its users. I have ordered myself a second battery for more flight time.
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  8. Sounds good. Hope for US all is going to be OK.
  9. And I started to look at the Typhoon H.

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  10. Great to hear from Steve McIrvin... I agree with other posters that this is fairly normal strategy in tech companies - and knowing how they're rebalancing their staff composition? Frankly, that's just exciting to hear.
  11. Lol. Wow guys this is shocking to see a few of you thinking of jumping ship so quickly. After what you seen from the convention do you really think Autel would already be considering closure? Why spend the money if you know your going under and closing the doors?
    You have to stand tall with what you believe in..... you chose Autel for a reason, you picked Autel because they are the best in there division.
    Sorry guys if I offended anyone just feel Autel is a great company and all kidding aside once I finish school this year I plan to apply with them.
    Great product
    Great service
    Great price
    Great company

    TJ OUT!
    (Mic Drop)

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  12. I wasn't nor am I worried. It was cool of the CEO to respond to the freak outs though. I plan on buying the new camera when it is released and am hopeful the prototype they showed at CES comes out.
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  13. I would hope that some more emphasis would be put into production. Got stuck with a white model because they were out of the orange unit when I was ready to buy. Currently they are out of stock of the premium and other items that generate revenue.

    I can understand the focus on research and development but, not having product to sell can put a squeezed on capital funds. Perhaps, if the product availability were better, the layoffs would not have been necessary. It seems like they are happy to be over sold rather than increasing profits by ramping up production to meet demand and then taking the additional capital to increase their R & D.

    Oh, I want zoom capabilities on the camera, by the way.
  14. Old news.............they have premiums in stock. You must mean the wifi version, which they no longer sell.
  15. I broke my Gimbal in a crash. I called them this morning and left a message. I emailed them a couple minutes later. I got a response from the email within an hour.

    I notice some out of stock issues that appear a bit unusual. But so far I've been well served.
  16. Live my pumpkin. Anyone have issue's about going to other maufacture s . Just take a good look at the quality. I have and there's a large difference.
  17. Other companies are starting to copy the color.
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  18. Friend of mine hsa a Mavic. We've flown together a few times. The Mavic appears more stable in hover. Mavic is faster when in Sport mode. XSP appears easier to control. Also seems easier to shoot video with.

    My friend rarely takes a pic and hasn't shot any video, he just enjoys playing. I almost always fly for pics and video.

    We recently flew together observing a large AG tractor working in a field. He was zooming around like a pesky fly at 50ft elevation. I was at 10ft elevation at a distance of 100ft from the tractor shooting great video.

    Each have their place. :)

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