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  1. I just returned my phantom 3 professional and got this XStar Premium and love it! Very well built drones. The range is outstanding! No need to add any modifications to the transmitter because is works flawlessly. Will definitely be purchasing more Autel products when hopefully available.
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  2. I was about to buy the DJI P4, but was guided toward the X-Star and I am glad for it. The ease of use and the customer service is top notch.
  3. I am very happy with this craft. I am a first time flyer. And was doing literally a few months of research. Before taking the shot at the Xstar Premium. And i am glad i did. It is a perfect craft for a newb flyer. And i assume for a skilled user as well. Very solid machine. I cannot wait to see the future updates and features. Two thumbs up from this individual.
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    Short time owner so far but here is my review so far. Opened package and everything has a very nice feel, very solid. This includes the Xstar and controller as well. So far have flown on windy day (20 MPH winds) and today while calm (less that 10 MPH winds). Not any issues with stability so far. The XSTAR premium has been pretty much rock solid from footage standpoint. While looking at XStar itself, it wonders some but don't figure it will hurt anything as long as I don't see a bunch of moving around in footage.

    This XStar is pretty touchy about magnetic interference. Not that this is bad, it is what it is. The Starlink app is good at letting you know the interference is there and the only times I have had interference is at launch sites. When I do have interference warning I just have to move my launch site 20 or 30 yards then I receive the ready to fly message.

    Right now I am using a cell phone to pair with my controller and while it gets the job done, I really need a larger screen to view the footage as I fly. Have not lost connection as of yet while flying but also have not pushed the limits either. The farthest away I have flown is across a 160 acre tract of property, well under the 1.2 mile range of the premium but pushing the half mile range of the wifi version (I believe the wifi version is half mile range)

    Battery life has been good. I have gotten my needed flight patterns taken care of before I get low battery warnings. While I am mission oriented, don't just want to go up and fly around, I feel the battery life is good. Went up with 87% battery today and still covered the 160 acre tract very well. Landed before the low battery warning sounded.

    Have flown at 100 feet and at 400 feet. Both did equally well.

    I have interacted with customer service on three occasions via chat and have always received prompt answers. I first asked about 3D mapping before I even purchased my XStar and even knowing I was not an owner yet they promptly answered my questions. Like many I was in Limbo looking at a DJI product but in the end went with Autel product. Figure if their support will talk to me before I purchased, they would likely be just as attentive after the purchase.

    All in all I would not hesitate to recommend the XStar Premium to any of my friends. It is easy to fly and like mentioned earlier, rock solid. We all see videos of crashes, I should point out that a lot of these videos are people doing maneuvers they should have not done or were just plain careless to begin with. If you are looking for a race drone, this may not be a good choice. But if you are looking for a work horse of a quad it likely will fit the bill.

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  5. The following is my experience with Autel CS

    My xsp crashed with out input from me
    On October 10, 2017 at approx 6:09 pm and after a approx 12 minute flight I guided my X star back to where it had took off from and landed with out incident, my friend who was taking some video of the landing asked if I could take off again so he could get another landing on video. I agreed and since all four motors were running at reduced speed I only had to push up on the left control stick and the aircraft lifted off flawlessly as it had done many other times, however at some point around 1 or 2 meters in altitude the aircraft began moving side ways as it gained altitude even though I was only working the left control stick, additionally I made the decision to ascend faster since hitting a tree was a possible action I pushed the left stick up as far as it would go to get to a safe altitude as fast as possible, keep in mind the aircraft was still flying erratically moving forward and to the right while gaining altitude (this whole incident happened extremely fast) With eyes on the aircraft I confirmed that altitude was above all trees in local area I let off left control stick and pulled down on right stick because aircraft was heading away from me Im not sure I got any response but shortly after that the aircraft came zooming down with a attack angle of 30 to 40 degrees moving faster then I had ever seen it fly before! When it came down at that angle and speed it seemed mere seconds and then it impacted the backside of a Ford Focus parked in a driveway. After the crash and looking at the drone I was amazed at how little damage upon visual inspection there was considering the speed it came in at, none of the props were broke, the gimball and camera stayed attached and appear OK on the outside. I owned other drones before this one namely DJI Phantom 3 , I think if this had been a DJI Phantom colliding with a car at the same speed that my drone did it would be two or more pieces.
    And that's what happened on 10/10/2017 at 6:09 in Bastrop, Texas, To my X Star Premium.

    The response

    Hello Mike
    Thank you for reaching out to us. I'm sorry to hear about that issue! It sounds like the aircraft experienced some magnetic interference which is covered under your warranty. If you'd like to get that guy sent in for a warranty evaluation, we'd be happy to get that guy into us. All i need in order to get a shipping label out to you to do so is the following information:

    1. Digital Copy of Proof of Purchase
    2. Your Full Shipping Address (street, city, state, zip code)
    3. Contact phone number
    4. Retail Serial Number or Aircraft Serial Number (This is located on a white card that was included in packaging or on the plastic sleeve that was wrapped around the hard case. It should start with "X". The Aircraft serial number can be found on the side of the X-Star and begins with "UXS...")

    Best Regards,
    Jacob Mead
    Customer Support
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    Long story short they paid for shipping both ways no BS at all

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