Autel Skycommand Center...

Discussion in 'General' started by S.J. Owens, Sep 29, 2021.

  1. Just learned of the Autel Skycommand Center:

    Please read the verbiage first at the above link. Not too much out on the interwebs either. I have found that the page above link, is listed under Autel's Enterprise heading from their drone website.

    In the verbiage at above link, it includes Evo II Series as one of the Drone Series that is compatible - if this is for Enterprise only Autel Drones, why list it for EVO II Drones? Even if this is for the Enterprise customers, where is the additional information on how to access this Skycommand Center?? Where are the support docs for it?

    I am hoping that is Skycommand Center Suite will be made available for Autel Pro Drones in general not just for the Enterprise Family.

    Anyone with additional information on this will be greatly appreciated, thanks. 2021-09-29 08_45_55-Window.jpg

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