Auto return to home when disconnected from controller during waypoint mission

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  1. i thought when your controller get disconnected from evo that its supposed to auto return home. I was doing a 4.8 mile roundtrip waypoint mission.2.4 miles each way.i must have been like 3/4 mile into the first half when i got disconnected. couldnt reconnect at all.bout 10 or 15 mins went by and nothing. then all of sudden i got signal back and it was 10000 ft in distance from me. it had just went on its own and was returning thus finishing the mission. it hadnt reached low battery levels yet. I live in the middle of the city with lots of interference and was between houses is why i think i got disconected. But i am wondering if it didnt auto return home because it was in a mission? and if it wouldnt have been in a mission and got dissconected would it have returned to home?
  2. Can assume your not in the US?
  3. Im in Washington state. why did u think i was outside usa?
  4. Hello,

    I’m not to familiar with Autel waypoints mission flight path after disconnect, but if memory serves me right I believe Parrot completed its mission even after disconnect. It was either the Anafi or Bebop 2, can’t remember which.

    Fortunately, you had plenty of battery left to complete the mission. At least it reconnected, glad to hear you didn’t loose the drone. Was it the Evo 1 or Evo 2?

    I have the Evo 2, I did use waypoints a couple of times, but wasn’t too impressed and found it difficult to setup. Maybe I need to experiment more, otherwise I’m very happy with the Evo 2.

    Good luck, enjoy your Evo.
  5. i have evo 1. I have used the waypoint mission planner alot. i usually set up the flight before i get to the city taking note of the sights i want to see. Its seems easy enough to me to use although maybe alittle tough at the beginning. That was the longest flight i had ever taken so i had never been in that situation before. i had got on google maps and planned the distance driving so i figured that would give me plenty of extra battery life for the return trip since the drone is just going in a straight line. glad i hit record video before it dissconnected from me so at least i had killer footage to watch. Hey thanks for letting me know about the parrot. I think as long as i have sufficent battery left i should be ok dissconnecting. I set all my waypoints at 1000ft just to make sure it doesnt crash.
  6. Thanks for sharing your experiences and it was the Evo 1, that’s a terrific drone and if I ever come across a good deal will definitely get one.

    You’ll be fine based from your set points incase of disconnect, I may go back this week and play with waypoints again with Evo 2. Especially now, I’ve learned so much these past 2 months.

    Recently, Experienced a disconnect with a Parrot Bebop 2. This particular controller has been acting funny recently, or maybe it’s the recent firmware update doesn’t seem the same as before. My confidence with it is a lot less, I don’t trust it anymore and fortunately use a tracker but on this one occasion didn’t use it.

    Was way out there, to it’s limit on range. And as always, it’ll disconnect when bebop 2 has reached its range limit. And as always before, it’ll kick into RTH and a couple of minutes at most will reconnect on flight back.

    Except for this particular flight, it disconnected at its max range limit. And with no tracker attached to bebop 2, waited and waited for reconnection. Nothing, figured it would take at most 5-6 minutes to return. Waited, okay I’ll wait another few minutes. Nothing, so I jumped in my pickup and drove to the last known location in hopes it was stuck up there hovering. Controller wouldn’t reconnect, nothing. Bummed, drove back to launch area. To my surprise, right there several feet above launch area bebop 2 was hovering. As I pulled up, it landed on its own due to exhausted battery.

    lesson learned, always use a tracker, the tracker I use the tracker app would have shown bebop 2 flying back. And, had it landed short during this disconnect the tracker app will show its location.

    below is a picture of my Evo 2 with tracker attached to front arm, that bebop 2 disconnect incident gave me a scare. Going forward, once again every drone I fly will use this tracker. This is one expensive hobby, I’ve lost drones before you would have figured I’d learn my lesson by now.

    Anyway, Continue flying and be extra careful!

    Paul 43000EB1-84BA-4911-A5DA-F78765CACAAD.jpeg
  7. Sounds like u got a little lucky too. Thats crazy you were driving looking for it and its back at launch site. Now your making me think of putting a tracker on it. What tracker do you use? and is there monthly fees i assume? If you dont mind me asking.
  8. 41829246-2117-49B9-A00B-D4D0B1CA2A36.jpeg

    Don’t mind at all, glad you asked.

    I use Trackimo, pay a yearly subscription of $60.00. Use the Guardian 3G, very small and fits in a pouch which is included with the purchase.

    Here’s a picture with tracker attached to rear arm of Mavic Air 2, I now mount tracker on front arm of all drones not rear. Front arm is perfect, doesn’t interfere with sensors.

    Well worth the investment, I believe sometimes they include first year subscription on special deals. Tracking is worldwide, you can place it in a kid’s backpack if they travel on overnight trips or if they are several days away from home.

    Take care,
  9. that doesnt seem that bad at all yearly. Ive heard of some being 40 to 50 a month. Thanks for the info.

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