Autumn Leaves

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  1. The trees are turning some impressive autumn colours here so I got out this morning for a few pics with the Xstar Premium. Here is a sample pic. Video to follow on youtube. MAX_0076.JPG
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  2. I really like your pics Roosty!!!! You use the light well and your subject material is always interesting!!!!

    We are turning colors here also. A bit early for us but we've been extremely dry. This will spread out the leaf changes so we won't have a glorious, short display. Hickory trees are dropping leaves heavily now. Hickory nuts and acorns have all fallen.
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  3. Thanks, I think you will like the video too as the drone followed along shooting the full length of the trail through the woods with all the impressive leaf colours. I don't usually get up for morning shots but this one turned out to be well worth it I think. This is late for coloured leaves for us. Usually early in September they start turning but here we are almost October.
  4. Very nice picture!
  5. 20170927_070234.jpg Not a drone pic, but a shot off the back deck of our sunrise yesterday morning.
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  6. Awesome sunrise shot! We had a tremendous display of Northern lights (aurora borealis) last night. I'm wondering if I could send the drone up for some pictures. Probably would not show up though.
  7. Got the Gopro and drone video put together from my drive through the autumn leaves earlier this week. Drone section starts at the 3 minute mark. Follow mode worked well. I took my best guess at the height of the trees. Looks like I was well above them at the 60 something foot mark. You can actually see the shadow of the drone on the trees at times.
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