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  1. Knew that was coming. Govt. wants control over all we do.
  2. I am sure the federales need to have us register our uav's to ensure we are in compliance with all rules, pay much needed taxes for the the obersight, and generally just make sure of our safety. LOL. Gonna rig up one of my old fuzzbusters to my drones (duck tape), an watch out for them drone police. Then I gotta watch that shady stool pigeon or rat finch, I hear they is narcs.
  3. I walk (or have walked) on both sides of this fence. Registration/legislation wasn't an issue until UAS operators began doing stupid s..t like playing chicken with commercial airliners and military aircraft operating in MOA's at low altitudes and high speeds.

    From my experience, the FAA has always been in "CYA" mode and always playing "catch up". For one, I am pleased to see some form of "control" since common sense doesn't seem to work. I just don't like the "flip flop" messaging at play here.

    The enemy is "US" and it's inside the wire.
  4. I'm in agreement about this however, I fear it opens doors to many other forms of regulation or fees. Over the years I have seen a few things I used to do freely, become regulated in some form or made illegal. Yes, it has been the irresponsible jerks who have created the problems.
  5. I work as a volunteer for the US Forest Service. Inasmuch, I see 'new rules' all the time. Whenever a new rule is made, a trail or road is closed, or some other restriction takes place, it is always a result of inappropriate behavior - generally by people who are inconsiderate and disrespectful.
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