Backpack for the Autel XSP recommendations

Discussion in 'General' started by SearchOne, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. Any recommendations for a backpack transport for the X-Star? Prefer a light and discreet that doesn't scream I HAVE A DRONE IN MY BACKPACK!
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  3. And although this case isn't the most discreet, when you take the drone out and fly, you will inevitably attract attention. I guess it depend on personal taste and how you plan traveling with the case.

  4. Newbie here. Question: Does it really matter what kind of backpack you use? Why the need for a special one?
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  5. It matters depending on where you are planning to fly your Drone. For transporting purposes, you will need one that protects the Drone and the transmitter. Luckily the x-star premium does come with a pretty good case.
  6. Carrying the XSP into nature requires ease of carrying, acceptable storage content, and protection from moisture and travel damage... Carrying a case far in by it's handle could be exhausting.
  7. Yes. Carrying your drone into any territory further than your local park or driveway, will usually require a different carrying case than the suitcase style that the Autel comes with. That is not to take away from the included case (with the premium version only) - I really like that case, gives above adequate space and the hard shell protects the drone, and yet looks "stylish"...doesn't look odd or bizarre. Now with that in mind, if you are planning on traveling a little bit beyond your immediate area with the drone, you will need something like a backpack (probably a hard shell type)....
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  9. Well just like anything that you spend a good amount of money on, or anything that you care about, you have to splurge for the accessories to make sure that they last as long as possible. The phone case, the laptop case, and now the drone case, or backpack. I have seen a couple of good ones out there, and some are customized to fit quite well and look pretty comfortable. I have to had to lug ours around yet, but I know that I will have to eventually. Thanks for sharing.
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  10. I need a backpack to take with me on bike rides. As far a a "special" backpack, most drone backpacks were made with DJI Phantoms in mind. and the XSP is taller than the phantom 3 or even the p4, which is what prompted me to create this thread.
  11. Great question. I probably would just have bought a Phantom Backpack assuming there would have been enough give in the pack to accommodate the X-Star.

    If you do come across one that works well, I look forward to it being posted here.
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  13. Ape Case ACPRO1500W Drone Backpack
    XSP (Gimbal detached)
    5 Batteries
    Charger (just in case I find power, Scotty)
    Shield K1 w/ Sunshade
    8 Blades
    Prop Guard Set with Multidriver tool
    9 Filters with dust brush, more easily added
    Misc wires/cables
    15lbs. 4.5ozs
    Still have spare pockets...
  14. I pulled the plug and got the Autel backpack. Came with the motor covers, waist straps with extra pockets (for snacks?) and it's very sturdy and a lot of room. Using it on a trip in the next few weeks to the mainland.
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  15. So have any of you with the Autel backpack actually flown (in a plane) and brought it along as a carry-on? It’s technically a little larger than what it’s supposed to be. Any issues?

  16. I brought my XSP, 3 batteries and the rest of gadgets using the Autel backpack without any issues. I was flying from Hawaii to Las Vegas.

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