Banding in Sky

Discussion in 'General' started by Bob Kerrigan, Apr 30, 2020.

  1. I recently did a job for a real estate client and noticed significant banding in the sky. A settings fix suggestion would be appreciated. The sky was "severe clear" with the sun sufficiently out of the frame and not influencing the image, although creating light blue on the horizon with dark blue higher up. I was shooting in 4K 60 fps. The "normal" camera profile was selected with no adjustments to contrast or saturation. I will try a -1 saturation setting on my next flight. Your suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. I recently had the same thing happen but I was shooting in 4K@30fps log profile and using the H264 codec. It basically ruined an otherwise nice video. So after asking lots of questions and getting answers from knowledgeable folks as well as watching several YouTube videos on the subject of gradient banding it boils down to this:
    1 Use the H265 codec
    2 Don't shoot in log if the sky is clear blue
    3 Keep sharpness settings and contrast settings low (-1 or -2)

    It seems that the Evo's camera color bit rate is 8 and that low bit rate causes the banding.

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