batteries die quickly?

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  1. I've been trying to research drones and many reviews say the batteries die really quick. Is there a certain brand that is better? Is this even true? Are there any remedies? Some people recommend buying multiple batteries and keeping them charged. I thought that might still not last long. Any suggestions?
  2. I think it is true since Autel X-Star drones have a 4900 mAh batteries and it says they can last to up to 25 flying minutes per charge. The reason for such a short time compared to for example your mobile phone or some other electronic device is that flying definitely uses much more energy from the engines. But if you want to have a longer session with you drone, you should definitely buy a few extra batteries and then replace them every 25 minutes. If you are planning to do something practical with your drone, such as sending it somewhere to record something, you have to plan how to do all that and return it in 25 minutes if you don't want the battery to die mid-air and for the drone to fall down and break!
  3. It's a flying machine though. It would take an enormous amount of power just to keep it up and support the weight. It's not like a toy car, that would be able to save energy by not being in motion. If drones are in the air, even maintaining their altitude would require tremendous energy, and even more so when they are flying around, with you as the pilot remotely controlling them. I have to agree, they DO drain a lot of batteries, and I don't think we are in that age yet where an alternative power source can be used that would provide more power with an extended duration.
  4. Most of the higher end drones such as the Phantom and X-Star use proprietary batteries so you don't have any alternative. I don't think you can use a Phantom 3 battery n a Phantom 4. Buying multiple batteries does get you more flying time, but you definitely should not keep them fully charged. I have heard from people who have been flying much longer than I that you should keep your batteries at or just under 50% charged , then charge them to 100% just before flying.
  5. Fortunately, with AXP batteries (and perhaps DJI, though I have no experience) you can set them to automatically discharge after a given amount of time. Thusly, they store at the correct storage voltage without an additional worry on the owner's part.

    This is accessible through the app settings. :)
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  6. If that is the case about the batteries, then how is Amazon intending on using drones for their deliveries? Or was that just another rumor? I should think that twenty five minutes would not be enough for delivering a parcel to a customer's house and back...
  7. Amazon would not be using drones using current technology . I think I saw a VSTOL version that Amazon was experimenting with, something like the Autel Robotics Kestrel. Amazon made a proposal to the FAA that would restrict personal drones to 200ft. Everything above that would have collision avoidance. I would not want this to happen! Both of these are from a year ago.

    Amazon details its plan for how drones can fly safely over U.S. skies - Washington Post

    Amazon proposes drones-only airspace to facilitate high-speed delivery -The Guardian
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  8. Oh man, Amazon and Kimchi can kiss my A. Typical corporate crap, make the gov do your BS heavy lifting, then try to own something while taking it away from everyone else, all for their almighty PROFIT.

    FTA: "Amazon believes responsibility for traditional air services such as navigation and air traffic control must be delegated. It imagines a civil aviation authority having underlying authority, yet much of the air navigation being handled in a distributed fashion as drone operators manage their fleets."

    I will drop Amazon like a rock over a neutron star if they buy our gov into taking airspace rights away from the public for this unattainable crap pipedream.
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