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  1. Did the software update to the remote and drone. Video says must update each battery so I followed the instructions (remove the -old extension from the update file, restart process with 2nd battery). Evidently the 2nd battery was very low and before the process completed the green light around the on button started blinking very fast. I stopped the process and put the battery on the charger but the light keeps blinking and pressing the button does nothing.
  2. I've not updated my additional batteries yet. Got some replacements coming Wednesday. I'll try it then.

    Sorry you are having trouble. No help here,,, sorry... :(
  3. The only thing I can suggest is to hold the button in on the battery for at least 12 seconds (this should reset it), then try to charge it again.
  4. Held the button, after about 15 seconds it stopped blinking for perhaps 1/2 a second then kept right on blinking.......
  5. If I recall correctly it was mentioned the batteries needed at least a 50% charge and it was better to be fully charged for this operation....maybe ask Autel what can be done next

    Good Luck
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    I really like my drone, but not being able to access support right away is frustrating (yes I want everything now). The video and written instructions still refer to the upload firmware as version 1.1.3 even though the download is version 2.0.27. I didn't see the needing 50% charge part until afterwards.......
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  8. Support contacted me, offered some suggestions that did not work, they said they have not had this happen before so it's new territory. They are seeking a resolution but in the mean time, sending me a replacement battery. That's customer service that will keep my loyalty and future purchases, especially since this was my fault.
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  9. Sometimes it might seem like they don't move very fast. But in the end I believe they have very good Customer Service. I've received exceptional service from Andrew S.

    The only time I've saw my battery blink like that is when doing FW updates.

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