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Discussion in 'X-Star / X-Star Premium' started by Smitty, Dec 6, 2016.

  1. How does the Battery Discharge work. Does the battery have to be installed in the drone for this to work? I just purchased a X-Star premium with a extra battery. I charged them both to be sure they were good and with my luck the weather is not cooperateing.

    Thanks Smitty
  2. Hi Smithy, the battery automatically discharges. Mine is set for 6 days by default. I just left it where it was, figured they know best. I've had my batteries self discharge before due to not using themy in alloted time,( mostly due to bad weather ). Mine goes down to 80% if I don't use them. I don't recharge the battery , I just start flying at 80%. I don't want to put it through a charge cycle for 20%.
  3. Hi Glazier, except that you are going to fly for a very short time, it is not advisable to take off without having the battery fully charged.
    Even with the battery charged at 80%, it can be discharged very quickly if it was not used for several days, forcing the RTH to operate.
    The Autel User Manual always recommends taking off with the fully charged drone battery.
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  4. RTH, or worse. Percent drops to below 10% in an instance and a forced landing happens.

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