Battery Firmware Update Needed?

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  1. Is it critical the battery firmware be updated to use it? What would be a problem if a battery not using the latest firmware is used to fly? For instance, how could the X-Star's performance be affected if I used an older (or recently purchased) battery not updated with the newest firmware version? There could be an instance where someone could be where updates aren't possible and had only a battery or two with older firmware to use even though the X-Star itself is updated.

    My example: I have access to a remote cabin where there is no wi-fi or any way to download an update. There are a couple of batteries there that do not have the latest firmware on them. I see no reason they wouldn't work but just wonder if they would cause any flight issues.
  2. That sounds like a question that would be best answered by Autel Support. If you call them they will give you an answer within a minute.
  3. OK... I contacted Autel about this and here's their reply:

    Thank you for contacting Autel Robotics! That's a great question! The batteries with the firmware update are running on a couple of different algorithms, one of which takes into account the cell balance of the batteries. If they are too out of balance, it may prevent you from using that battery to fly. It's a safety feature. That said, I would suggest that if you need to use the batteries that do not have the firmware update, you want to check the cell balance yourself in the Starlink app.
    You want to see each cell within about .05 max difference with at least 4500 mAh total capacity. Of course, you can still fly if these are outside of these parameters, but it's more likely that you could experience a battery drop, where a percentage shown suddenly becomes much lower. This can trigger an auto landing which could lead to the aircraft landing in a less than optimal location. You may not have any trouble at all. "
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  4. Good information!
  5. I wonder if this had anything to do with the rapid voltage drops reported in other threads?

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