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  1. Was flying today with 52% and 11 minutes left registering on my battery when suddenly the battery went to 7% and 1 min left. It immediately went to a forced land mode. Thankfully i was close to home base and was able to land close by. A few minutes earlier and i would have been lost in the trees 1000' away. Running on firmware 2.01. Has this happed to anyone else?
  2. Not to me personally but, it has happened to others in the past. I believe there is a thread about this in these forums somewhere. By chance, did you have the battery set to self-discharge on the day you flew? I posted last week a theory I had about this. I supposed that something might be happening if a battery were to begin to discharge on a scheduled day, and then the X-Star was flown that day, would this cause the rapid loss of charge? In other words, the battery remembers it's supposed to self-discharge and does so while you're flying. I still have not had a confirmation nor has anyone at Autel answered the question. You should call Autel and report your problem. They should replace the battery for you.
  3. I was not even aware you could schedule a discharge of your battery. I had not done any such scheduling. Thanks for your feedback though
  4. The batteries come with a 6 day discharge cycle. No use for 6 days after last charge and it starts discharge on it's own.

    I can't dispute Labrat's philosophy. I also cannot confirm it. I have experienced the problem. Just can't say exactly why it happened..... Freaked me out!!!
  5. Yes. Your Starlink allows you to set a number of days for the battery to self discharge to 50% if not used or will be stored for a long period. It can be set from a day to a couple of weeks. So if you charge today and have the "timer" set for three days, the battery will begin to drop voltage to storage levels in three days unless you fly it down before that. I think the default is for six days as overszd has said. I don't know if my theory holds any truth but it would be interesting to have proved or disproved. There seem to be more reports of batteries dropping voltage rapidly in flight coming out.
  6. I read that the countdown to discharge resets every time you turn the battery on even to just check status. I have not tested this. Autel advises not to store fully charged batteries for extended periods. Youtube has lots of official autel instructional videos that address anything I have had issue with. I have been able to trace most problems to my oops or a bad cord.
  7. Makes sense that it would work that way. I'm still looking for more info on this. The DJI forums have reports of similar issues.
  8. I can confirm what Fundy says above. I have had several occasions where I charged all my batteries the night before I thought I was going to fly, but then for various reasons wasn't able to get out. Rather than letting all the batteries discharge at the set time interval (I have used both 3 days and 6 days), I have just briefly turned them on (just long enough for all the lights to come on) to reset the discharge cycle and avoid another recharge. I have not updated my firmware yet, I'll probably wait for the final version, but I see on the Autel website that the firmware for each additional battery needs to updated individually as well. Does anyone know if the battery update has resolved any power drop issues?
  9. So they do reset. My theory seems disproved. Why would batteries lose charge so rapidly though? I never seen or heard of this issue with any battery other than these so called "smart" batteries. Maybe they are too smart. Something wrong with the chip in some of them perhaps? When the do discharge, what are they discharging to? Where is the power going?
  10. There's a lot of discussion about "smart" batteries and how they manage themselves.

    I just had two batteries replaced under warranty thru Andrew S. I had two issues. First being short flights times. He suggested discharging the batteries to 6% and then recharging. Idea being they might fully charge. I haven't had an opportunity to try that because the second issue was battery swelling. Which is why he replaced them. I guess my point is the batteries apparently develop a pattern of 50% discharge and then being recharged. Somehow this pattern can cause them to not fully charge. This is discussed in the battery owner's manual information. I had never ran either of these batteries less than 15%. In the future I plan to periodically discharge my batteries below 10%.
  11. The exact same thing is happening to me. It started after I updated the firmware. I have 4 batteries and it happens to all of them but, not all the time about every other charge. Going to contact Autel and see what they think. I'll keep you updated on the progress.
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    What are you guys discharging the batteries down to below 10%? Are you running the X-Star's motors until they run down or attaching them to some other device?
  13. I was in a situation where I stored two of my batteries fully charged for about a month. When I checked on them there were no lights what so ever when I pushed the button. I went to try and put a charge back in them and after being plugged into the charger for about a hour or so I finally got one of the lights to start blinking it took a total of about two hours to charge each battery (both batteries exactly the same). They appear to be okay I get about a full 20 mins of flight time on both batteries but what apparently happened is when they went into self discharge mode they drained from fully charged to absolutely nothing or at least to the point of no lights (blinking or steady)
  14. Yes, i ran them down with the drone, playing around 6ft off the ground, near me. When they got to 6%, I landed.
  15. Does anyone know if it's best to fly when your battery is fully charged or is it ok to fly
    when the battery is at 75% or 50% ?

  16. You can fly when the battery is at any level of charge. You'll just get shorter flight times if battery isn't fully charged. In the top toolbar of your viewer it tells you how many minutes of flight time you have left. I pay particular attention to that if I'm flying far away from "home" or if I'm starting a lengthy video.
  17. I would like to think that the batteries are smart enough to know The difference between being used operationally during a flight and just sitting around with no load.

    It would be nice if tech-support weighed in on this.

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  18. Hello All,

    Just experienced this exact situation last weekend. I was at over 25% and got the forced landing message. drone went down softly. funny thing is, it stayed on and recording for almost 10 minutes when my spotters picked it up. Weird!

  19. I had my first experience with this while videoing 4 large John Deere combines cutting soybeans. I was about 40ft off the ground ahead of the combines with two of them coming right at me. Fortunately I was able to steer the drone out into the already cut area before it bounced on the ground. I didn't look at the % but had just looked at the time and had 7 minutes left, 4-5 seconds later it alerted me and showed 1 minute of flight time left.

    Really aggravated me. All the updates we've went thru and still have this problem...... :(
  20. ovrszd,

    how ironic, I too was shooting a john deere combine harvesting corn. I was able to steer the bird to an area that had been picked and chopped so I got lucky. Maybe Autel birds aren't fond of farming... LOL


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