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  1. Hi - I'm new to this forum but have been flying Yuneec products for a couple of years and have a 107 license.
    I wanted to try out the Autel Xstar and so far have only been running against a wall when trying to get support.
    Here is the problem. I purchased and Xstar new from Autel at the end of last month (in order to get the $ 150.00 rebate for 107 owners) but after unpacking the drone had to find out that he battery was totally gone. No lights - no charging - nothing. So let's try out the supposedly very good support and talk to someone who can help.
    I called many times the support hot line and all I got was the answering machine. I tried this for a couple of days. I also left an e- mail message about the problem with the battery and got an answer back that the RC had to be connected to the front of the unit (he guys we are talking about a dead battery)
    Then I sent an e-mail again and finally got a response that seemed to take care of the problem - so I sent in the requested invoice (their own invoice since I purchased this from Autel) as well as the SN. However, I have not heard back from Autel since - and no confirmation that the new battery was shipped..
    Is this the famous support they have?
    I can still return the unit if they do not fix this problem but I really want to try it out.
    Any suggestions?
  2. Just the opposite of what I have been hearing from everyone else I hope it gets better for you.
  3. Call and leave your number and shit description, they will call you back. Typically within an hour or two you get the call back.

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  4. Hello all,

    I too am having battery issues. Got my XSP at christmas and have purchased 3 additional batteries. I have been religious about charging the batteries after flying each time. I last charged all ten days ago. Went out to fly saturday, and all batteries were down to between 35 and 65%. Is this normal for Lith Ion batteries??? hope not. going to call auto tomorrow. Also, are there any multi battery chargers for the Autel batteries???

  5. Hi
    You probably waited more than 7 days to fly after you charged the battery. Those batteries are programed to discharge themselves into storage mode after a certain time not beeing used. I think the default is 7 days. You should not store the batteries with full charge. Hope this helps.

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